40 Fun And Adorable Ghibli Tattoos

40 Fun And Adorable Ghibli Tattoos

Here is a collection of adorable Hayao Miyazaki tribute tattoos, sorted by movie, to inspire you …
If you are fan of Japanese animation, you must know the Ghibli studio. Created by world-renown director Hayao Miyazaki in 1985, it has amazed children and adults with its creativity, inspiring dreams and fan art. Lots of people loved its movies so much that they get their favourite heroes tattooed, girls but also boys sharing the same warm memories of childhood and cinema. If you don’t know the movies yet, it is a must see.
Ghibli tattoo
This lady is sporting a nice Ghibli tribute tattoo with various character : No-Name from Spirited Away and the Kodamas from Princess Mononoke (model, photographer and tattoo artist unknown, please send us information).
Mayhem’s Neko Marie Ghibli tattoo
Model Mayhem’s Neko Marie got some Ghibli ink too : the Catbus from My neighbor Totoro, Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service, the Kodamas again and the soot sprites from Spirited Away (photo Inked Australia).
Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away
Great colorful sleeve with Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away, Ponyo and Sosuke from Ponyo, Kiki, the Catbus and Totoro and always the cute Kodamas.
Ghibli Z
Impressive sleeve inspired by a design of Hybrid Dreamer HD with Haku the dragon from Spirited Away, Totoro, Howl’s moving castle, No-Name, the waves from Ponyo and lots of amazing details. Unfortunately, I can’t decipher the name of the tattoo artist …
Half sleeve with the Ghibli gang (unknown artist).
Ghibli Yayzus
Totoro is having fun with Mei and Satsuko, and Haku, the soot sprites and Teto the fox-squirrel from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
Second movie of Miyazaki which launched the creation of Ghibli studio, it tells the story of a futuristic princess with ecological beliefs.
Nausicaa Kimberly Graziano
My neighbor Totoro (1988)
The most famous and iconic movie of Ghibli, the story of two little girls who meet a big spirit of the forest called Totoro, who became a largely popular symbol, loved by both kids and adults.
Framed Totoro resting near a river by Arron Townsend (Liverpool).
Classic Totoro by Char.
Totoro Miranda Lyle
The gang screaming : have you noticed the mask of No-Name from Spirited Away hidden in this tattoo by Gooney Toons ?
Totoro Z
Can you find Totoro in this great picture ? Love this picture, but couldn’t find the author, please tell us.
Finger Totoro with his umbrella (unknown artist).
Totoro Marc Durrant
This scene of the movie makes a nice back piece, and this bride is very proud to show it.
Temporary tattoo by Dottinghill : very creative.
But if you are more courageous (and dedicated), here is the real tattoo version by Allie Sider.
Another character of the movie : the Catbus (Unknown artist).
Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)
The story of a little witch, Kiki.
The little witch flying on her broom by Betty Rose.
Neo old-school portrait with a cute cat by Deanna Wardin.
Princess Mononoke (1997)
The most violent movie from Ghibli, with a wolf princess fighting to save a magic forest. Also an ecological topic.
vFrom the movie : bloody San and her wolf mother, by Noka.
San riding a wolf with her mask and spear by Japanese artist Ryugendo.
Another moment, inside the forest with the Kodamas, the little spirits of Nature (Unknown artist).
Epic backpiece by artist Kurt Von Hebsack. You can see San, but also Ashitaka and the gorillas.
Mononoke’s mask by Ken Stewart.
The God of the Forest, Shishigami, by Kit Hall.
A Kodama behind the ear, by Tetard Tattoo (France).
Princess Mononoke inspires artists : here an old-school version by Thomas Kenney.
Native American portrait of San by Christian Solis.
Mononoke Vilda, Gorgeous manga style by Vilda.
Spirited Away (2001)
The strangest movie of Hayao Miyazaki, with a little girl, Chihiro, enslaved in the world of spirits by a witch and who is going to meet lots of creatures including a dragon named Haku, a very popular tattoo design.
This girl shows a great Spirited Away sleeve with Chihiro riding the dragon Haku (photo by Sayer Photography, model and tattoo artist unknown).
The main character, from the movie, Chihiro, here in a great tattoo (unknown artist).
Spirited Away William Jones
Yubaba bathhouse inside the Spirit world, a piece by Tom Wells.
Framed portrait of wandering spirit No-Name by Peter Cortez.
Yubaba the witch : you need guts to ink that ugly character … (unknown artist).
The cute soot sprites having fun. They are also featured in My neighbor Totoro. Tattoo by Mimi.
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)
The story of the very strange castle of a doomed magician.
This is the moving castle, which looks like a nice steampunk piece, by Robert Witczuk.
Ponyo (2008)
A magic red fish called Ponyo meets a little boy and her love creates a tsunami.
Ponyo transforming into a little girl, a cute tattoo by Rick.
The adorable scene from the movie where Ponyo kisses Sosuke to become human. Tattoo by Tony at Godfathers.
Funny portrait of Hayao Miyazaki himself by Creamy …
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