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Tattoo designs are one of the hottest topics for discussion in the current times. Tattoos are certainly a way to show your individual style. However, we often find people going for bad body art in the name of tattoos. Keeping in mind that not everyone likes to have scary tattoos featuring devils and ferocious animals on their body, the tattoo designers have come up with some cool designs that would certainly appeal to the people preferring art, sobriety and beauty in tattoos.

These tattoos have emerged as a result of out of the box thinking and involve watercolor motifs, white ink and abstractly artwork. Hence, rather than going for the predictable, old tattoo designs; show your creative trait by having one of these new designs.

Here are some cool and chic tattoo designs:

White Wrists:

Wrist tattoos have always been quite popular. However, you can add uniqueness to yours with the use of white ink in the tattoo. However, remember that such tattoos fade with time and resemble a scar. Hence, it is wise to go for something small in size, which does not require much filling.

White Tattoos in the Wrist are Quite Stylish
White Tattoos in the Wrist are Quite Stylish

Sophisticated and Subtle:

Finger tattoos are a great combination of subtleness and style. They are quite small. You can keep your tattoo hidden whenever you want, and when you show it, it certainly makes a statement.

Inkblot Beauty:

Abstract tattoos are a great way to show your creative traits while having fun with styles, shapes and colors. To lend a better look to your tattoo, ask your tattoo artist to put some purposeful and solid elements, such as clearly defined outlines or a pattern. You can get such a tattoo made on your body by visiting one of the tattoos studios in Patong.

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Spine- Chilling:

The daring ink lovers can consider getting interesting tattoos, which use a location on the body as a portion of the design. For example, the design of a creepy trail of insects up the spine uses the body location as a significant element of the design. While looking at the design, you would feel as if the insects are actually moving.


If you feel that creepy crawlers on the body are a bit too much, you would certainly find cherry blossoms to be appealing. The design uses beautiful colors and has the effect of watercolor.

Watercolor Tattoos Use Bright Colors
Watercolor Tattoos Use Bright Colors


Having a heart on your sleeve can be a bit overrated, but having a short love message is exactly the opposite. This definitely does not mean doodling on yourself using a tattoo needle, but you can provide a copy of the message written in your handwriting to your tattoo designer. He would trace it upon your body neatly.

You can give a Message through Handwritten Tattoos
You can give a Message through Handwritten Tattoos

Under the Feet:

Tattoos on top of the feet are great indeed. However, you can try it at the bottom of your feet, as well. As the feet are always used, these tattoos tend to fade.


Most tattoo lovers would find these designs to be fascinating. If you are looking for something new and cool, consider getting one of these designs. These designs would make you stand out of the crowd, making others admire your style sense.


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