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Congratulations on your fresh new tattoo, you earned it! Although it's stunning as it may look, it's not completely yours yet. The tattoo process isn't over until the whole thing has completely healed. From this point on, the final look of the tattoo relies on how you take care of it. A beautiful tattoo which you spent so much for can possibly be ruined by neglect or not taking the right aftercare procedures. No worries, 'cause you're on the right page. To keep your tattoo looking vibrant and long-lasting, here are some helpful Tattoo aftercare tips in 5 easy steps. Read up! :)

Step 1: Have it wrapped.

After the tattoo procedure, the tattoo artist will do some final wipe-offs to clean and disinfect the tattoo prior to bandaging. The tattoo needs to be wrapped so as to prevent airborne bacteria from getting in contact with the open wound. By then, your tattoo artist would have told you stuff you need to know about your fresh new tattoo and the following aftercare procedures. Do not hesitate to ask questions and voice out your concerns.

Step 2: Wash the Tattoo.


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    Once you get home, remove the bandage and wash the tattoo with warm-hot water and mild anti-bacterial liquid soap. Hot water opens up the pores so that it lets out excess blood and ink to help the skin breathe. For big tattoos, the tattoo may feel slimy and slippery because it is oozing with plasma. Gently remove as much of this as possible with your hand to avoid too much scabbing (don't scrub or use anything abrasive because the skin is tender at this point and it may damage the tattoo). And yes, you can definitely shower with your new tattoo. Don't soak it in bath, though, as it is potentially damaging to soak the tender skin for long periods of time. That also means no swimming or saltwater for at least 2-3 weeks. Always keep the tattoo clean to avoid infection.

    3. Pat it dry.

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    After washing the tattoo, pat it dry (don't rub!) with a  clean towel. You're going to be doing this every after washes until the tattoo has fully healed. You don't want to accidentally peel off a skin or cause any abrasion during the healing process.

    4. Follow through with your choice of lotion.  

    Your tattoo artist may or may not prescribe you to get an ointment for your tattoo. If he does, find a Vitamin A & D-enriched ointment to aid the skin well in the healing process and apply thinly on the tattoo after washing and drying it up. In the following days you may want to apply lotion to your tattoo to keep it moisturized. Tattoodo and Ami James recommend After Inked Tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion 2-3 times a day as needed. It's completely organic and free of harmful chemicals! Continual use on a daily basis will keep your tattoo vibrant and moisturized. For more info on this amazing cruelty-free and vegan product, check out and find the right size that suits you. After Inked comes in 7ml pillow sachets, 75ml tubes and bottles.

    On scabbing, peeling & itching: There would be scabbing, peeling and itching after a few days.  The new skin underneath is beginning to form and strengthen. Soon enough, the scab will peel off to reveal the new skin. During this phase, try your best not to pick on your tattoo. When it's itchy, do not scratch. Slap it instead. And while it's peeling off, leave it alone.

    5. Protect your tattoo from the Sun. 

    We've discussed in the previous articles: Tattoos & Aging and Tattoos & getting Sun how the Sun is the tattoo's worst enemy. The Sun is stronger than anything else in the planet and it's powerful Ultraviolet rays can drain the life out of a tattoo. Now that you have a tattoo, you should always be mindful about sun exposure. Invest on clothing that covers when you're outdoors and apply sunscreen regularly for protection. You can't just apply sunscreen once and leave it exposed the whole day. The lotion eventually wears off. So you gotta be generous in re-applying sunscreen at least every after 2 hours.

    Tattoo aftercare doesn't stop after it's healed. If you want a beautiful tattoo that will stick with you, you gotta work for it and take care of it for the rest of your life. Always keep it away from the sun and avoid wounding it. Proper care will give you exactly what you deserve----a vibrant & long-lasting tattoo. Take good care of your tattoo and it will do the same to you. Trust it to be your loyal companion that will stick around for life.....even to the grave!

    Enjoy your new tattoo!  :)



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