20 Most Exquisite Venetian Mask Tattoos

20 Most Exquisite Venetian Mask Tattoos

For centuries, masks and costumes used for the famous Carnival of Venice in Italy have fascinated people.
This tradition, born in the Middle Age, wanted to fight pessimism with an outrageous display of luxury and sensuality. Masks allow anonymity and to hide your social class and even your sex and your morality. Inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte, each mask refers to a specific character : Arlecchino, the Plague Doctor, the Moon, etc.
Beautiful and mysterious, they have inspired detailed tattoo designs fit for artists and realism lovers. They show a theatrical and feminine personality, and for this reason are often worn by women, but some men also like them, with more dramatic designs.
Austrian tattoo artist Moni Marino is famous for her several stunning Venetian mask tattoos. She will be present at the Paris tattoo convention.
Here is the top 20 Venetian mask tattoos to celebrate Carnival time …
Awesome Venetian Mask Tattoo
Beautiful Venetian Mask Tattoo by MoniMarino2014
Stunning Venetian Mask Tattoo
Lovely lace butterfly mask by Zoltan Krizsan.
Amazing 3D effect on this piece by Rich Pineda.
Beautiful Arlecchino piece by Rembel Orellana.
A Venetian zombie mask ? Tattoo by Proki.
This piece by Marcin Sonski shows the colors of the New Orleans Carnival.
Great piece by Darren Wright.
Pretty tattoo by Anabi.
Mysterious and dark mask by A.D. Pancho.
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