24 nutty Star Wars tribute tattoos

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Among the geeks, Star Wars lovers are probably the most dedicated of them all.

Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and other well-known characters of the George Lucas Trilogy have flourished in tattoo shops for years, more often as realistic pieces and astounding galaxy backpiece. The force may really be with you to get those tattoos, but when it comes to parodic pieces and Star Wars tribute gone wrong, it is definitely worth to share the laugh ...
The force is strong with these 24 bizarre Star Wars tattoos ...

I suppose it is the dark side of his face.


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    "Pooh, I am your Father."

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    If you have a serious dad issue, you know what tattoo you should get.

    Daddy is in bad mood. By Lewis Kelly.

    Grumpy Vader, of course !

    The dark side of the force is so old school. By Miss Ariana.

    By Brynn Sladky
    By Brynn Sladky

    If Vader would have been that kinky, Luke would probably have changed his mind ... By Brynn Sladky.

    Stormtroopers masks are a good idea for tattoo apprentices : thus, you don't have to worry to fail the pin-up's face (hands and feet are already bad enough) ...

    "You'll still be my (death) star, Baby 'cause in the dark (side) ... You can stand Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh ..." Rihanna's lyrics finally explained ! Tattoo by Danny the Crow.

    Tea time in the Galaxy ... Wait, what ? By Neil Dransfield.

    By Thomas Page
    By Thomas Page

    Stormteapot : sounds legit. By Thomas Page.

    Now we are talking of edible things, let's have a sugar stormtrooper with that cup of tea.

    And Vader too. Not recommended for diabetics.

    By Heath Nock
    By Heath Nock

    Holy Stormtrooper, pray for us ... By Heath Nock.

    By Adam Hays
    By Adam Hays

    Virgin Jango and the Bobba Fett child with alien angels. Star wars is a religion for Adam Hays.

    By Adam Hays
    By Adam Hays

    Poor Princess Leila ... I mean Pug Princess Leila, my mistake. By Adam Hays again.

    This one is beyond understanding ...

    Chewbacca channeled his inner Mark Wahlberg, he got a tattoo of his face on his arm ... This joke is sponsored by Gillette.

    This one explains why you never get the gifts you wanted : the bag would have been too heavy.

    "When you look at the dark side, careful you must be ... Put glasses on."

    By Ross Abbott
    By Ross Abbott

    C3PO finally decided which outfit he will wear for his wedding with R2D2. By Ross Abbott.

    By Pete Belson
    By Pete Belson

    But he will always be a gentleman. By Pete Belson.

    Da Vinci got it all wrong : the Vitruvian man is a stormtrooper. By Fred.

    By Dave Barton
    By Dave Barton

    A good idea for unique wedding rings for Star Wars fanatics. May the love be with you ! By Dave Barton.



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