26 Bewitching Medusa Tattoos

26 Bewitching Medusa Tattoos

Medusa tattoos are not exactly mainstream, as they refer to an antique myth and are often confused with Eve and horror tattoos.
But you can cross the path of many tattoo lovers with Medusa tattoos, and they are often very impressive and well executed.
In Ancient Greece mythology, Medusa was a female monster with great powers, especially those of changing men into stone with just one look. Beheaded by hero Perseus, she ended on the shield of goddess Athena. Her main feature is of course her hair made of snakes, which make her an interesting and attractive tattoo design. Medusa tattoos symbolize a protection against Evil and also the power of feminity. So, maybe it is not a good idea to show yours on a first date, ladies, unless your admirer has got some sense of humor !
But no need to be a feminist to get some Medusa ink, as it is original. The concept is tickling your curiosity ? Then check these 26 examples of Medusa tattoos.
Seducive yet dangerous Medusa (unknown artist).
Old-school piece by Sarah Schor.
Snake woman for Sam Clarke.
Ryan Mason's torso tattoo.
Does she puts sunglasses to avoid turning men she likes into stone ? (unknown artist)
New school by Kim Saigh.
Justin Weatherholtz
Juliano Perreira
Johan Finne
Colorful piece by Jeff Ensminger.
Chia of famous Taiwan tattoo shop East Tattoo has made a very sexy Medusa.
This one by Butch Rosca is totally inviting ... but you should take care !
Vivid colors and femme fatale look by London Reese.
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