30 Beautiful Dotwork Tattoos

30 Beautiful Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork tattoos have been around for a long time but they have not always been done with machines...

Dotwork tattoos before were hand-tapped, an example of such is found in my previous blog about my journey to meet and get a hand-tapped tribal tattoo from Apo Whang Od

A dotwork tattoo from a electric machine, though, is a new style emerging in modern tattooing. More and more artists and tattoo collectors dared to experiment and explore the limits of what tattooing has to offer - by exploring different tattoo styles aside from traditional, oriental and realistic.

Dotwork tattoos from electric machines, though, are a new style emerging in modern tattooing. More and more artists and tattoo collectors dared to experiment and explore the limits of what tattooing has to offer - by exploring different tattoo styles aside from traditional, oriental and realistic.

I wasn't too keen on dotwork tattoos before, but it all changed when I saw these 30 beautiful dotwork tattoos! It's so glorious, eyecatching and refreshing to see. Let's have a look! :D
beautiful dotwork tattoo streching from chest, shoulder to arm. By Ivan Hack #dotwork #mandala #geometry #geometric

Dotwork tattoos are obviously done through a series of dots diligently applied to the skin to come up with a shading that's actually made out of dots. It requires a lot of work. So if you're thinking about getting some, find a tattoo artist who can do it well. 

Dotwork tattoo flower. Artist unknown #flower #dotwork
The pointillism method is also a good alternative to standard traditional shading. If one can do it as neatly, as patiently and as dot-like as possible, the finish becomes stunning.
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That was what I learned about the pointillism approach during college in our design & color class and I agree!
Dotwork tattoo on chest by Cory Ferguson. #dotwork #chestpiece #geometric #geometry

But as we all know, artists don't wanna be restrained. Great artists would always think outside the box & experiment new styles and new things to uncover new knowledge. Take a look at the awesome dotwork piece above - playfully designed and laid out by a genius - fusing geometrics, abstraction and tone values altogether! 

Dotwork tattoo by Michael Bennett #dotwork #michaelbennett #mandala #geometry #geometric
Thinking outside of the box......and outside the head! This is an awesome tattoo concept!
Dotwork tattoo by @xnazax / Juan Salvarredy #dotwork #mandala #sleeve #sleeves

A dotwork piece would absolutely look convincingly stunning if it was done as huge as this! Love the patterns put together! 

Dotwork tattoo by @xnazax / Juan Salvarredy #dotwork #mandala #sleeve #sleeves

Patterns need not be too complicated. It's close-to-perfect repetition and the layout that matters. 

Dotwork tattoo by Eric the Viking, Happy Sailor Tattoo, London UK #dotwork #fullback #EricTheViking #HappySailorTattoo
Dotworks all the way! I wonder how long this took to finish?
This one too! A huuuge Mandala! Dotwork tattoo by Tomas Tomas #dotwork #ThomasThomas #mandala #fullback #backpiece
This guy obviously loves tessellation. Artist unknown #dotwork #geometric #geometry

Looks simple compared to heavily colored tattoos - but it takes a lot of hard work to do a dotwork tattoo.

Amazing dotwork tattoo by Delphine Noiztoy #dotwork #DelphineNoiztoy #handtattoo

You know it is a stunning tattoo when it's able to give you a mindfuck. Did this tattoo give you some optical stimulation?

Lines & dots look great together too. Artist unknown #dotwork #tree #geometry #geometric
Beautiful neckpiece. Dotwork tattoo, artist unknown #rose #flower #dotwork #detail
What's tricky about dots is the manipulation of its tonal values-from black to grey.
Dimensions and gradation on this one. Artist unknown #dotowrk #geometry #geometric #shading
The collection of dots make up the dimensions and gradation of the tattoo. Here we see a heavily dotted area as flat black, and next to it is a grey area with lesser dots.
Dotwork tattoo. Artist unknown #dotwork #geometry #geometric #details
And it looks good with color too!
Put those dotwork skills & principles altogether in a big piece tattoo, and it's gonna come out a winner!
Dotwork looks cool on the head as well! Artist unknown #mandala #dotwork
Lovely dotwork on palms...Artist unknown #mandala #dotwork #palmtattoo #palm #geometry #geometric
or on the palms
Beehive inspired dotwork tattoo. Artist unknown #beehive #dotwork #bee
and on the back of your hand
Dotwork tattoo by Miahwaska, Oakland CA. #dotwork #detail #mandala #Miahwaska
And it's fascinating how dotworks work efffectively with sacred geometric patterns such as this one.
Dotwork tattoo. Artist unknown #dotwork #mandala #geometry #geometric
This one too!
Dotwork tattoo done at Back Tattoo gallery #dotwork #BackTattooGallery #falcon #bird
Don't be afraid to go big if you want a dotwork tattoo. Artist unknown #mandala #dotwork

Big designs, especially for mandalas and other complex subject matters, allow the dots more room to apply itself.

Tattoo from Apo Whang Od #dotwork #handpoke
Check out this old lady's sleeve! That's me getting a hand-tapped tattoo from Apo Whang Od. Her sleeves were all hand-tapped! She uses a citrus thorn for a needle and a wooden device to tap the ink in. More about her HERE.
Dotwork tattoo. Pinyat by Apo Whang Od #dotwork #handpoke
Here's the tattoo that I got. :) The pigments underneath thickened after 4 weeks, which turned the dots into thick, black, 100% tribal lines. Amaaazing!!!
Red and black dotwork tattoo. Artist unknown #dotwork #redandblack
For more unusual  and beautiful dotwork tattoos, check out our pinterest for inspiration! :)

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