Spotlight: Tattoos by Nick Chaboya

Everyone agrees with that : Nick Chaboya is one of the nicest persons you could ever meet in the tattoo world. He is that kind of artist who understand that tattooing is of course about art, but also about a true relationship with the skin canvas and learning from peers and friends. I met him during last Paris Tattoo Convention and he was very happy to share his vision of tattoo art with Tattoodo blog’s readers, with humor and philosophy … And I loved the little tattoo machine on his sweater :D

What is your creation process ?

The client comes to me with his hopes and I listen to them. Then I have to found a very unique way to put it into a concrete project, the way I would be attracted to do it. Basically, my ideas fuck with the client’s idea and do a baby (laugh) !

How did you catch the tattoo bug ?

I went to art school and graduated with a Fine Arts Bachelor. At the time, my family background was a bit difficult and drawing was my only way to escape. I wanted to travel, to meet people and I found an apprenticeship. People are the most appealing thing in this job. You know, I am the happiest guy in the world if I can learn one thing from every client … I am a steady learner.

Nick Chaboya
Nick Chaboya

What do you enjoy the most in a tattoo project ?

The design is not the most important thing. If the client and I are both pleased with it, if we both learn something, have a great experience … Well, that makes my day ! You can swap images, but behind them, it is art and people that are important.

Words of wisdom …

The work of Nick can hardly be labeled : from black and grey realistic portraits to colorful abstract pieces, his universe is very unique and fascinating, shaping shadows and lights like no one else.

His fascination for skulls is quite evident, both in his tattoos and paintings. Nick is also a great painter, whose work reminds of the work of Francis Bacon.

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Over a career of a dozen years, he have shown an impressive ability to reinvent his art, and as his enthusiasm is still intact, we can be sure that his future works will live up to our expectation.

For more about Nick Chaboya, visit his website, Facebook page,Twitter and Instagram.



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