Spotlight: Trippy Realistic Tattoos By Csaba Müllner

In the aisles of Paris Tattoo Convention, one booth is especially attracting all the eyes, with its display of appealing pictures first, but also (and mostly) its owner, famous Hungarian tattoo artist Csaba Müllner.

At first sight, the character is impressive, with his dandy’s look, clad in black with visible tattoos only in black ink, distinguished moustaches and serious look, perhaps a bit shy (at least, I am trying to convince myself of it). But his career and work are even more impressive.

Trained at Dark Art Tattoo, the shop of Zsolt Sarközi, in Budapest, Hungary, Csaba soon revealed a genuine talent in realistic tattoos, paired with a unique use of colors and shadows techniques.

An intellectual, as his reputation of amazing painter, literature and philosophy reader is demonstrating it, Csaba is using his Fine Arts education to tattoo, offering to his customers undeniable masterpieces which could compete against  Contemporary Art pieces.

A confessed Hedonist , this former avdventurer has survived to an impressive accident, even if his elegant silhouette doesn’t show its legacy. A turning point on his life, which leaded him to perfect his technique even more.

A technique he doesn’t keep secret , as his website Tattoo Techniques is demonstrating it. Indeed, Csaba is offering to aspiring tattooers to follow online courses (in seven languages) to learn what could be the ‘Müllner technique’… Yet, he is warning : he is only teaching the tools, ‘but not talent’ !


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    Csaba Müllner could even surprise us more, as he keeps intensifying his artistic testing. It is also rumored that he could even take the United States by storm …

    Meanwhile, I invite you to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Csaba Müllner’s interview for Tattoodo (a great thanks to his friend Gabor Kraft for the English-Hungarian translation !)

    You are classified in the realistic artists section : is it a label that suits you ?

    The basis of my work is certainly photo-realistic tattoos, and of course, technique is important, but for me, it isn’t the most important thing. My main goal in art is to break the rules. I use a lot of geometric forms, text and graphic elements in order to contrast with the precision of the photography. I try to get as close as possible of a picture but I want to also add minimalistic elements to show its opposite side. I really enjoy mixing two opposite styles in one tattoo.

    What is your creation process ?

    I am using my own photos as a reference for my tattoo designs, so I can choose the contrast between light and shadows that would fit the best, the perfect contrast. My girlfriend, an Hungarian supermodel, and my friends are posing for me. I often make them wear costumes, which can be quite fun. Then, I am making free-hand sketches based on my pictures, just before starting tattooing. I can really say that I am making my pieces from A to Z.

    His last work in progress, on Gabor. "It will be a sleeve and side piece, with many elements, including our portraits of Gabor and me (taken by photographer Krisztian Eder, see below), dressed with traditional Hungarian soldiers costumes and different graphic elements."

    Krisztian Eder
    Krisztian Eder



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