Win a trip NYC and get tattooed by Megan Massacre

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Win a trip to New York and a free tattoo by the talented Megan Massacre at Wooster Street Social Club.

It’s totally free and everybody can join. Also outside the US. Just click here or on the button below for a chance to win! Good luck!!


 The prize includes... The prize includes plane ticket, 3 nights at a hotel near the shop and the tattoo by Megan Massacre. - You have to be 18 to enter. The winner will be announced the April 18, 2014.

Get 5 bonus entries every time a friend enters!
Get 5 bonus entries every time a friend enters!

Share the contest with your friends and increase your chances of winning! For each friend that enters through you, you will get 5 extra tickets in the pot.

About Megan Massacre In January 2004, Megan met a stroke of fate and started her tattooing career. Having a heavy artistic background, Megan had previously tried to get into tattooing, but after being told by her local tattoo shop that an apprenticeship cost $5,000, she was discouraged and returned to focusing on her studies. After high school and working at a dead-end job, Megan sought out new employment. She gave a friend a ride to work at a tattoo shop, had the opportunity to show off her drawing skills, was asked to do a tattoo and thence began her apprenticeship.

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AmiJames and MeganMassacre at the projectprotect charity event.
#AmiJames and #MeganMassacre at the #projectprotect charity event.

Megan’s apprenticeship lasted a year in which she practiced extensively colorful and bright tattoos, which she aimed to master. She moved around to new tattoo shops until she landed at Deep Six Laboratory where she enhanced her skill by learning realism tattoos. Now, since working at Wooster St Social Club, Megan has also learned old school and grayscale tattooing.


Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, at the age of two Megan started drawing and coloring a lot. Her parents were always supportive of her art and encouraged her to explore different creative avenues. Megan drew, painted and colored all her life, not knowing where her artistic abilities would lead her. Now she considers tattooing the perfect medium for her creative outlet. She has an extensively well rounded background in tattooing and art work, making her style of tattoo unique and a signature of herself.


You can follow Megan's work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You have to be 18 to enter. The winner will be announced the April 18, 2014.




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