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So, Uh, Anyways… Like, It’s 4/20. Blaze It.

In honor of every stoner’s favorite holiday, here are some dank weed tattoos

Today is 4/20, a day of worldwide celebration of all things marijuana during which we can shirk all responsibility and spend the entire day baked out of our gourds – or as I like to call it, Thursday.

Obviously, we’re going to take today as an opportunity to look at dope weed tattoos just as sure as we’ll be running sick pictures of tattoos of Earth on Earth Day. But before we get to these dank pot tattoos, we wanted to share some well-researched nugs of information related to everybody’s favorite drug in a quick segment we call Tattoodo Pot Facts.

Did you know that many, many famous and successful people throughout human history have been avid stoners? From luminaries like Cypress Hill MC B-Real to Chinese emperor Shen-Nung, and from famed playwright William Shakespeare to Cypress Hill turntablist DJ Muggs, millions of humans since the dawn of history have been inhaling burned plant material to feel totally awesome. It’s a Tattoodo Pot Fact.

You know what’s not a Tattoodo Pot Fact? The idea that marijuana use can affect your short term memory. We just haven’t seen any concrete evidence for this one.

Stoner dolphin tattoo dolphin weed
Stoner dolphin tattoo #dolphin #weed
Stoner Ice Age tattoo iceage weed
Stoner Ice Age tattoo #iceage #weed
Weed molecule tattoo weed molecule
Weed molecule tattoo #weed #molecule

How about the fact that the federal government of the United States classifies marijuana as a Schedule One controlled substance, making it legally as harmful as heroin or cocaine, despite it being legal in some form in over half the states? Well here’s a Tattoodo Pot Fact for you: the federal government of the United States is full of shit.

Were you aware that there is no official regulatory oversight when it comes to naming new strains of bud? Anyone can make up whatever name they want forr new kinds of herb. It’s like the wild west of nomenclature – if you grow it, you can name it. This has lead to such dumb strain names like Alaskan Thunderfuck, Cat Piss, and George Bush. This information is totally a Tattoodo Pot Fact.

Here’s one pot myth debunked with a Tattoodo Pot Fact. Some people say that marijuana use can affect your short term memory, but we haven’t seen any proof of this.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, arm yourself with a loaded bong and fire it up as you gaze upon tattoo after tattoo in loving homage to the sweetest leaf, Mary Jane.

Bob Marley tattoo bobmarley weed
Bob Marley tattoo #bobmarley #weed

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Stoner tattoo
Stoner tattoo
Stoner tattoo weed cheechandchong
Stoner tattoo #weed #cheechandchong
Stoner tattoo weed weedpipe
Stoner tattoo #weed #weedpipe
Stoner tattoo weed weedpipe
Stoner tattoo #weed #weedpipe
Stoner back piece by Victor Portugal weed pot marijuana
Stoner back piece by Victor Portugal #weed #pot #marijuana
Cannabis tattoo weed weedleaf 420
Cannabis tattoo #weed #weedleaf #420
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Stoner tattoo
Stoner tattoo
Stoner tattoo mushrooms weed
Stoner tattoo #mushrooms #weed
Roach tattoo roach weed
Roach tattoo #roach #weed
Stoner tattoo weed pipe weedpipe
Stoner tattoo #weed #pipe #weedpipe
Cannabis tattoo weed potleaf
Cannabis tattoo #weed #potleaf

Would it surprise you to learn that this author, arguably one of the 100 most talented people working in tattoo journalism today, is also a stoner? Tattoodo Pot Fact.


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