25 Geekiest Gamer Tattoos

25 Geekiest Gamer Tattoos

Video game addicts, UNITE!!! Here are some 25 geekiest gamer tattoos just for you! <3 We hope you get inspiration for your next tattoo.
Don't you miss those good old days as a kid when you worry and think about nothing else except how to beat the computer game or how to win the next level? Those days when you call a friend over for a friendly match to beat each other up - through a pair of player 1 & 2 controllers? I sure do. I used to be a video game addict since the old school Nintendo games.
Super Mario is one of the best games I have ever played! Gamers all over the world share the same feeling, and they miss it as much as I do... which is why some gaming nerds (who also appear to be tattoo lovers) commemorate their childhood with these fun 8-bit/16-bit games! These aren't just games, y'know. It brings a lot of personal memories!
A Tetris-inspired backpiece! Wow! All those geometric shapes put together ain't easy! Mad props to NEO.
Donkey Kong & his famous barrels traditionalized.
Paying homage to the device. <3
The buttons to navigating our childhood fantasies. Tattoo by James Rowe.
It's Princess Peach! <3
And the famous castle after every level of Super Mario. What's the farthest level you've ever reached?
Gaming tattoo
Awesome idea! It's Ryu from Street Fighter! KAPOWWW!!!
This is a cute filler for a sleeve tattoo. From the Legend of Zelda. :)
Cute mario tattoo
A gamer motif's also a good full sleeve tattoo idea.
Pick an artist who knows and loves the game as much as you do, so that he gets the details and colors right. ;)
Love the pixelated characters on this one! It suddenly changes the look of the whole tattoo.
Who loves The Legend of Zelda?! Rave about your favorite video games here! :D
Mortal Kombat full sleeve! WOW!
Scorpion. One of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters.
Indeed. ;) Tattoo by Heath Nock, Syndey Tattoo Studio.
Kratos from God of War by Benjamin Laukis.
Game over letter finger tattoo
How do you feel when you've lost & the game's all over?! Well, there's always RESTART :P Tattoo by Michal Kerouac, One Love Tattoo.