26 Precious Jewel Tattoos

26 Precious Jewel Tattoos

According to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend … but what if tattoos would make even better friends???
I don’t think we could find a girl down here that isn’t fond of jewels. Jewels are often connected with memories: birthdays, family, school, life successes, love, etc. They can be either given to you or a gift you’ve made for yourself… Just like tattoos! We all love a bit of gold sparkle, pearls, stones. But what if we could have one that we can’t lose or nobody can steal from you? Then, why not inking that special jewel to be forever on your body? A great tattoo artist can make you own the biggest diamond and rarest pearl in the world without violating your bank account!
Those jewel tattoos are not only limited to neck and wrist pieces, and they will certainly make you a precious girl! Check out those 26 examples of awesome jewel tattoos for inspiration…
Beautiful rosary tattoo
Put your favourite memory in a cameo frame. Tattoo by Tanya Buxton.
Temporary tattoo used during a Chanel catwalk ... A jewel garter is a nice idea, don't you think ?
Wedding ings tattoos
That's a wedding ring you cannot remove to cheat ! :) Very romantic if love lasts !
Diamonds tattoo
Diamonds are a girl's best friend... so is your tattoo artist ! ;)
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