30 Outstanding Calligraphy Tattoos

30 Outstanding Calligraphy Tattoos

For centuries, people have admired the art of calligraphy. Using traditional paint brushes in Orient and Asia or carving in stone and wood.
In Northern Europe, foreign alphabets that have survived to centuries or created by writers, calligraphy has left still its mark in today's world. And indeed in the tattoo art. With lettering of course, but also the always trending Japanese kanjis. They are coveted by people to state their cultural heritage but also by calligraphy lovers.
But beware, if you want to get a tattoo in a foreign language, especially in a foreign alphabet, and if you wish to avoid bad surprises when meeting a native speaker, I advise you to bring a friend who masters that language to the tattoo parlor, or at least to check the meaning in more than just one book (and not in the internet).
If you are looking for some inspiration, here is the cream of calligraphy tattoos in 30 splendid examples.
Asian calligraphy
Amazing Tibetan script head tattoo by Spanish artist Jondix!
This is very bold ...
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Calligraphy Tattoo
Another great scalp tattoo by Terry Fuller on tattoo artist Mark Joslin. Design created by famous calligraphy artist Tashi Mannox.
Another view of this piece.
Calligraphy Tattoo
Designed by Tashi Mannox too.
Calligraphy Tattoo
Another Tibetan script by Joey Pang of Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong.
Sanskrit tattoo by Meatshop Tattoo.
Calligraphy Tattoo
This gorgeous piece by Andy Shou is including a Buddha inside the font.
Calligraphy Tattoo
Sensual placement for kanjis.
Calligraphy Tattoo
The work of Joey Pang is just stunning.
Calligraphy Tattoo
Calligraphy Tattoo
Calligraphy Tattoo
Elegant pieces by Joey Pang. Check her work here.

Calligraphy Tattoo
Victoria Beckham's hebrew tattoo.
Calligraphy Tattoo
Intricate work of Gabriel Wolff.
Love the placements. By Gabriel Wolff too.
Calligraphy Tattoo
The amazing work of French tattoo artist Sadhu le Serbe.
The arabic letters are making a breath-taking effect on the body and the pictures are lovely. Check Sadhu le Serbe work here.
Another arabic tattoo.
Arabic Photo By Bashar Alaeddine
Very nice ! Photo by Bashar Alaeddine.
Calligraphy Tattoo
This one's not actually a tattoo, but still a nice idea for inspiration.
Arabic Emre Cebeci
The work of Turkish tattoo artist Emre Cebeci is inspired of traditional arabic calligraphy.
Arabic Emre Cebeci Turkey
Calligraphy Tattoo
Gorgeous pieces by Emre Cebeci. Check his work here.

Calligraphy Tattoo
Runes of course are very loved by tattoo lovers. Here, great piece by Daniel Meyer.
They are making rad fingers and knuckles tattoos.
J.R.R. Tolkien, writer of the Lord of the Rings, have invented elvish alphabets inspired by runes. Of course, LOTR fans have turned them into tattoos. Here, Tolkien's signature in elvish.
Elvish Tengwar language in a model. I guess the geek girls would love that.

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