40 Failed Tattoos

40 Failed Tattoos

As the old saying goes, "THINK BEFORE YOU INK" or you will end up among the internet's worldwide database of failed tattoo archives.
Would you want that kind of exposure? Sure you don't. So we gathered 40 failed tattoos for you to analyze, compare, study or critique, or simply entertain yourself with. Some stuff in here are unfortunately, unbelievably real. Warning: Your brains may hurt!!
You know what I'm sayin? No Ragrets tattoo
Hilarious Lord Knows tattoo
This pussy clean, this pussy juicey. Ridiculous fail tattoo!
Stop Starring Bitches. Brest eyes tattoo! Omg!
Fail tattoo
God is An Awesome God! Funny fail tattoo
Horrible cover up tattoo
The artist must've lost his sense of time.
Baby fail portrait tattoo
Guess the correct answer: a. bacons b. kiss mark c. sausages d. WTF?!?!
Ridiculous chicken wings tattoo
Dual personality?
My beauty, My beast! Fail tattoo
It's Dolan Duck & Gooby PLS!!!!
Lesson learned: Learn chinese.
Joker being a joker.
Bob Marley fail tattoo
Seriously guys. Find an artist who knows what he's doing!
FUCK YOU eyebrows fail tattoo
Too Cool for Scool, spelling mistakes, fail tattoo
In fact, yes, your tattoo is mispelled.
Bonita Applebum
Permanent glasses, DUH!
Which vagina?! o.O
Whoever Nohing is, i surely dont wanna regret him.
Fail portrait tattoo
Only god knows.
Your grammar's all wrong and it's permanent. :'-(
Ridiculous selfie tattoo
Monster Energy Drink fail tattoo
Anti-rape tattoo #642456
Ride me baby.
We're hoping these were just photoshopped. Gosh!
An instant way to get dumped.
The tattoo seems to be telling the truth.
Horrible baby portrait fail
If you wish to immortalize & honor your loved ones and endure pain just to get them under your skin make sure it's worth it! :P Choose a good portrait artist for god's sake. It's not that hard, y'know.
Even Oprah doesn't get it!!!
Free Tattoo Removal
So here's a fast & free remedy for that! Hahaha!!
For more hilariously failed tattoos, follow us on Pinterest! :D You're gonna love our gallery of fun & awesome tattoos! :-)
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