50 Fun And Cute Animal Tattoos

50 Fun And Cute Animal Tattoos

Animals are beautiful and thus make beautiful tattoos. They are also a way to express our human feelings and to show our true personality.
Animals can show the better but also the worst of the human being. With their colors and textures, they are making great humorous tattoos, either badass or cute.
For centuries, Art as used animals dressed and behaving as humans has been used to send message or to entertain people (that is called anthropomorphism). Cartoons has borrowed the trick and there are numerous tattoos of Bugs Bunny, Nemo or Sid from Ice Age, not only because they are funny, but also because they mean something for their owner.
In traditional tattoos, funny animals are often references to tales or proverbs. New school ones are closer to pop culture and more used for their literally cartoon side (one cannot but think of the work of Jesse Smith). But you can find funny animals in every style of tattoos, and the possibilities are unlimited.

Want to show some humor and cuteness at the same times? Here are 50 tattoos that will make you go from roaring with laughter to melting with cuteness.
Beautiful black and grey Cat Dracula by Tommy Lee Wendtner.
Kitty gets dapper by Semyon Seredin.
By Seth Wood
Laur Zenbenzen
Badass steampunk cat by Laur ZenBenZen!
Tiny Miss Becca
Cute one by Tiny Miss Becca.
Teniele Sadd
Haha this bunny by Teniele Sadd is so funny!
Strange rabbit tattoo
But this one is a bit weird.
So is this one by Jackalope.
Russ Abbot
Gentleman bunny by Russ Abbot.
Cute rabbit tattoo
Tea time cuteness.
This Monmon cat by Horimoto is going to have a bad surprise!
Cute owl by Shawn Will.
By Semyon Seredin
Hen tattoo by Shane O'Neill
Sasha Unisex
This monkey like music. By Sasha Unisex.
Jan Mraz
This pigeon too ! By Jan Mraz.
Photo Laurent Patouillard Tats Noka Tatwo, Dimitri Hk, Safwan
Photo by Laurent Patouillard with new school tattoos by French artists Dimitri HK and Noka Tatwo and Canadian artist Safwan.
Abstract cat and mouse by Ondrash
Butterfly-owl tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Creative elephant tattoo
Yay or nay?
The wolf is dressed as the grandmother to eat the Red Riding Hood! Epic piece by Nikko Hurtado !
Here the wolf prétends to be a lamb ... great old-school tattoo by Dan Smith.
Dolphin tattoo
Crazy tattoo by Neo ...
Boxing Squirrel by Myke Chambers
Turtle head tattoo
Gangster frog by Michele Pitacco
Another version by Dzikson Wildstyle
Fun swordfish tattoo by Matt Adamson
Ninja panda by Jukan
Badass lion tattoo by John Maxx
Cute seal tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Lovely tattoo by Guen Douglas
Batman reference by Gooney Toons
Fun monkey tattoo by Endre
This frog is a party animal! By Eddy Lou.
Love this shark by Donovan Hdz!
Fun hermit crab by David Tevenal.
Drunk octopus tattoo
Dolphin tattoo
Cute doggie by Davee Blows!
A-do-ra-ble mouse by Dan Molloy.
Tea time panda by Bartosz Panas
Cute fox tattoo by Bartoz Panas
Bird tattoo
Very fun Anabi's bird!
Go Veg tattoo
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