Spotlight: Neo Traditional Tattoos by Nick Bertioli

Spotlight: Neo Traditional Tattoos by Nick Bertioli

Nick Bertioli only started tattooing since 2009 and already has what it take to make some of his colleagues jealous

This Canadian artist with a weakness for fine realistic black and grey tattoos stopped by Paris Tattoo Convention 2014 before guesting at Seven Doors Tattoo in London, just the time for an interview with Tattoodo.

Amazing Native American portrait… #blackandgrey #portrait #eagle #head
You are a self-taugh artist, how avoiding art education have influenced your work ?

I didn't intentionally avoid art education, I just didn't go to art school nor had an apprenticeship in tattooing. I tried it for fun once and I never thought I'd become a tattooer.Then I started making art. It was a challenge, lots of hours working and learning trying to get better at it. I started from scratch. It wasn't easy.
Who are the artists, styles, things that have influenced you ?

I love the work of Aaron Horkey a very talented Illustrator, Christoph Mueller, and many of the artists I've worked with. I like the Victorian and the Rococo movement,the fashion, the architecture. I love space and science. Music,astrology,esotericism are my main source of inspiration.
Do you have a style of tattoo you prefer, both as an artist and as a tattooed man ?

Realism, neo-trad and dotwork are my favorite styles, pretty much what I enjoy tattooing but I like traditional and Japanese tattoos as well even though that's not what I do.
What do you expect in the future ?

I need to find the right balance. I hope I'll be doing more illustrations, less tattoos and play music ! I've tried sculpting and I would love to find the time for it. Maybe open my own shop someday? So I can do all these things I want to do you know. But for now I'm happy to be working for others. Less pressure, I already have too many things in mind.
Thank you Nick ! Check a selection of his work below or visit his website.
Nice neo traditional Victorian girl. #flower #lady #portrait
Awesome tats! #skull #eye #mandala
Great snake on the neck. #traditional #snake
by Nick Bertioli #skull #rose
This is mysterious and gorgeous... #miror #blackwork #ornamental
Beautiful boat tattoo. #blackandgrey #ship #sail
by Nick Bertioli #lady #rose #skull
by Nick Bertioli #3d #skull #blackwork
by Nick Bertioli
by Nick Bertioli
by Nick Bertioli
by Nick Bertioli
Tattoo Artist: Nick Bertioli
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