White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoos

We look at a hotly contested design choice and show off some awesome white ink tattoos.

White ink tattoos are a hotly debated topic in the tattoo world. Some people will straight up tell you they always look like shit and are a bad idea. Others champion the stylistic choice. Today, we’re going to take a look at a handful of white ink tattoos that are hard to talk shit on and explore the notion a bit further. 

We here at Tattoodo don’t like to throw shade on people’s personal tattoo choices. What matters most with a white ink tattoo, or any tattoo for that matter, is that the person who gets it is happy with the result. Fuck the haters. That said, white ink tattoos definitely have a penchant for going south.

However, there isn’t anything inherent in white ink that guarantees bad results. A good artist who knows their craft should be able to give you a solid piece using white ink. Knowing their craft in this instance definitely includes being aware of the limitations of white ink tattoo designs.. They’re great for line work designs, but you don’t want to fill in a large space with white ink as large amounts of white ink have a tendency to end up looking yellow down the road. You’ll be able to get far more detailed work out of any darker ink than white. And don’t even think about shading with white ink.

Another view of this white ink tattoo sleeve by Atkinson. #whiteink #whiteinktattoo #ornamental #linework #atkinson
Feathers are great in white. Beautiful feather white ink tattoos #whiteink #whiteinktattoo #feather #linework #simple

I personally have a white ink tattoo, and I love it. It’s a single line outline of the state of Iowa in the middle of my chest. You’ve really got to be looking for it to notice it. It looks like the tiniest scar and I am beyond thrilled with the results well over 10 years later. It’s exactly the effect I was hoping for, and a great example of a well-done white ink tattoo.

And one for the face! We've got more white ink face tattoos if you like that. #whiteink #whiteinktattoo #facetattoo #mandala #linework
Another white ink tattoo feather #whiteink #whiteinktattoo #simple #linework #feather #white

While the debate over whether or not white ink tattoos are a good idea will rage on, mostly because arguing is fun. If you want a white ink tattoo, we say go for it. But definitely consult your artist first. Listen to their sage advice and for sure see if they have any previous examples of working with white ink they can show you.

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