30 White Ink Tattoos Done Right

Yes, white ink tattoos get a lot of bad press. Some say that they look like a rash, that they will fade quickly.
A good tattoo idea can turn bad. It happens all the time, not only with white ink tattoos. It depends on your skin, the quality of the ink and the skill of the artist. And that's true for any kind of tattoo: Don’t look at the price, look at the artist’s portfolio! And if you are craving for white ink tattoos, let haters hate and find someone who masters them.
Find an experienced artist
French Tattoo artist Xoil's white ink tattoo looks like scratches and it rocks!
When meeting tattoo artist Xoil, I noticed his white tattoo on his left eye and asked him for his view on the subject:

Yes, white is an unpredictable color. But white ink tattoos have been really improved since artists have started to use disposable nozzles, enhanced inks and tools that avoid the contamination of other colors. Of course, you can’t do every kind of design with white ink, mostly graphic things. Just make sure that you find an artist who knows what he is doing. And that advice goes for any kind of tattoo. White ink especially.
How does it look? 
White ink tattoos have got a fun scar look and are not as extreme as scarifications. They are fit for geometrical designs such as mandalas, lace and tribals, but also delicate and feminine designs such as dragonfly, wings and flowers.
Not strong enough? First, it is the main goal of white ink tats to be more discreet than tattoos with black outlines. Then, if they are done well, they will last and look good! Teamed with colors and black shadings, they create unique compositions that rock and don’t be afraid: The darker your skin is, the better it will look. So, if you want to get a white ink tattoo, go for it! But take the time to find a good artist and talk with him/her: It's your skin and your tattoo – do what you want, take care of it and let them talk! Here are 30 white ink tattoos that actually look good…
Watson Atkinson is a tattoo artist who masters white ink. This facial tattoo is just beautiful.
This incredible sleeve is the work of Watson Atkinson too.
Another view of this sleeve by Atkinson.
By Atkinson too, very sensual.
This one is sensual too. Don't know who the artist is, tell us in the comments.
Example of white ink healing. Palm tattoo by Zodiac Tattoo.
Not only for girls ... This facial tat rocks !
Feathers are great in white.
Nice esoteric scar effect on the chest.
Nice mandala on the cheek.
And one for the face! We've got more face tattoos if you like that.
Discreet and elegant.
Nicely done.
This one is fresh... and badass !
Feminine and very pretty.
Tribal by Andro Zero.
Combined with another tattoo in color, it looks really beautiful. By David Boggins.
Emre Cebeci uses black shadings to enhance his white outlines: nice idea!
Layered circles by Cebeci.
Fun idea by Madame Chan ...
By John Bodygraphic.
A nice mandala
Another Feather in a tribal style.
Some sexy flowers.
Very rad idea !
Beautiful piece by Muriel Zao.
Buddhist svastika by Mikki Bold (not to be confused with a nazi symbol).
Another nice piece by Mikki Bold.
Another idea for a discreet tattoo! What do you think: UV ink tattoos: Good or no good?
Truly punk ;)
White ink is always controversial and there are many arguments against it. If you're looking to get white ink, please read this blog post. Think it through. Find an experienced tattoo artist and talk to him about it.