40 Yummy And Funny Cupcake Tattoos

40 Yummy And Funny Cupcake Tattoos

Hello sweet teeth and foodies, yes, I can see you! I'm not going to introduce you to those little mouth-watering pastries that are cupcakes.
And that would be also an insult to tell you cupcake tattoos exist, as you are probably a gourmet both in cooking and in tattoo.
With their pretty frosting, decorations and vivid colors, these popular little cakes are of course a cute idea of little tattoos for girls. Indeed, cupcakes are associated with women, as well as stilettos and jewels. But that doesn't mean that men are hating them and won't get cupcake tattoos, quite the opposite! Cupcakes are very connected with pop culture that they can share any message, from dark humor (they make you remember the lethal danger of cholesterol) to cuteness overload (especially if they are paired with adorable little animals). Just beware of the placement: people would want to take a bite. Some are so realistic you would think you could eat them right now. How frustrating!
I hope you are not on a diet or diabetic, because these 40 delicious cupcake tattoos will make you drool.
Blue cupcake on the foot by Brent Olson.
Zombie cupcake's attack !!!
What do you think of this ultraviolet ink tattoo ?
T-rex love cupcakes too !
Never overdo of good things !
A cupcake monster for tattoo artist Scotty Munster ...
Very nice tattoo !
Love this badass skull cupcake by Phil Garcia !
Works well in black and grey too ... and for men too ! By Orry of Empire Tattoo.
An octopus hidden in a cupcake ... Leggit !
Realistic sleeve by Nikko Hurtado.
Cute one by Mirek.
Nice work by Mike DeVries.
Love this piece by Megan Massacre.
Nightmare Before Christmas cup cake by Matt Trybom at Private Ink. Thanks Amanda!
Love those neo trad pièces on foot by Mark VanNess !
Precious tattoo by Marc Durrant.
Is life as sweet as a cupcake ?
Amazing work of French tattoo artist Laura Amar !
This is 3D, really impressive ! Also by Laura Amar.
Sick Knuckles idea !
Adorable of course.
Lovely colors by John Anderton.
Gory cupcake by Jeremy Miller with brain and an eyeball ... Yum !
Sweet tat by Han of King of Kings Tattoo.
The last cupcake you ate will haunt you to the grave ...
Perfect girly tattoo !
Teatime on fingers.
Cute feet.
Elegant piece by Eddy Lou.
Really nice with that dragonfly.
A tattoo idea for a great cook !
Awww chocolate frosting ... That's bad, really.
Evil cupcake chest tattoo someone ?
Another nice one.
Cherry bomb cupcake ready to explode with love.
Are you sure you can handle that ?
The epitome of cuteness ...
Location, location ... Are you sure these armpits tattoos are a good idea ???
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