50 Of The Best Traditional Tattoos

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What makes a great Traditional tattoo? Tattoo artists agree that it's 5 things:

1. the idea. 2. bold & clean outlines 3. composition of elements 4. the selection of colors and 5. the tattoo artist's machine knowledge & original style. So today we gathered 50 beautiful tattoos that fit in this criteria, done by the best traditional tattooers all over the world. Of course there are more talented artists out there, help us discover them! Meanwhile, feast on 50 of the best traditional tattoos that will definitely take you back to old school. Feel free to share to your friends! They will thank you for it. Traditional tattoo lovers, ENJOY! ;)

Myke Chambers (Northern Liberty Tattoo, Philadelphia)

Kirk Jones (Good Luck Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia)

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Stefan Johnsson California Electric Tattoo

Ben Fraser (Good Luck Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia)

Samuele Briganti (Drum Tattoo, Italy)

 Alex Wild

Ben Rorke (West Side Tattoo, Australia)

Dan Santoro (Smith Street Tattoo Parlour, NY)

Chad Koeplinger (District of Columbia)

Chris Marchetto (Redemption Tattoo)

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Miss Arianna (Skinwear Tattoo, Italy)

Steve Boltz (Smith Street Tattoo)

Steve Byrne (Rock of Ages Tattoo)

Philip Yarnell (Skyn Yard Tattoos, London, UK)

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Mark Cross (Green Point Tattoo Company, NY)

 Stevie Edge (Hunter & Fox Tattoo)

Sway (Sacred Electric Tattoo, Leeds, UK)

TRAD IS RAD! We hope you enjoyed this article.

Want your favorite tattoo artists featured? Send us their names! :-) Have a great day!



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