15 Inspirational Chest Tattoos

15 Inspirational Chest Tattoos

Be delighted by these beautiful chest pieces of different kinds and styles to suit your personality.

The Chest is a great amount of space to throw in a great deal of ink. It's one of the most prominent places to wear a tattoo because it's close to the face, and it gets a lot of attention because of the extreme placement. So, if you're planning to get one, PLAN IT WELL. Because it's the closest to your heart and a space that can hold tattoos of deep meanings.

 Some people get chest tattoos to symbolize their personal love & passions, some to immortalize their loved ones, and some choose to adorn it just for the love of it. Make sure that whatever you put on your chest is nothing but THE BEST.

Tattoo by Nazareno Tubaro.
Takes a lot of work & endurance to get one! Make sure your body is sober & in its best condition if you're getting a chest piece tattoo. It's a tough spot. ;)
Love how the whole thing turns out spectacular given the simple & not too busy layout of the tattoo.
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And another one from Gerhard Wiesbeck! WOW!
You can also go for a vest-type chest tattoo! The Yakuza get vest-type suits so they can still wear a kimono & bare some blank skin.
Tattoo by Chris Garcia, Philippines.
Express your religious side with this kind of chest tattoo. Or immortalize your loved ones by replacing these with their portraits! :)
Chest tattoos were hand-tapped during the old days. Ouch! This is a picture of our Kalinga ancestor from the Philippines who earns his tattoos for each time he conquers an enemy & brings home the head.
If you're the kind who loves script lettering tattoos, think of a short & bold statement to wear (make sure you're gonna live by it!) and find a skilled artist who can execute this beautifully! By any means necessary!
Symmetric chest piece
If you prefer only black & bold tattoos, then this might be a good idea. Love the symmetry in these! Artist unknown. Send us the name if you know! :)
Artist: Jon Glessner.
Who says Chest tattoos look dirty?! This one's neat & pretty! Ladies, check this out! This would be fun to dress up w/ a plain grey V-neck shirt or a pretty floral dress to match the victorian feel of the tattoo! 

We hope you enjoyed this article. For more chest tattoo ideas, check out our Pinterest board! :-)

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