20 Beautiful Bird Tattoos

20 Beautiful Bird Tattoos

Birds, whatever species they are, are absolutely stunning. What's beautiful about bird tattoos? Their colors, feathers, patterns & wings.
Whether perched or in flight, you can't go wrong with a bird tattoo of any kind. So if you've got a free spirit as a bird, and looking to get a tattoo of it, you've landed on the right page! Stay high & fly with these 20 beautiful bird tattoos for inspiration! Enjoy! :)
Tattoo by Myke Chambers.
A Bird in flight makes a good chest piece tattoo. The wings look great on the contours of the chest. Makes a lotta impact!
A steady, perched bird looks great as a sleeve tattoo. Conforms well to the length of the arms, legs, or ribs. Condor tattoo by Myke Chambers.
Tattoo artist: Cecil Porter
Since birds may sometimes have complicated feather patterns, make sure you find an artist who's thorough on details.
Simplicity is beauty too. Tattooed by Jordan Baxter.
Tattoo by Teresa Sharpe
The Owl is one of the most common birds that get tattooed due to its visual appeal & meaning. It symbolizes wisdom & clear foresight, because owls can see through the night, for they are nocturnal creatures.
You can also go for two or more birds for a chest piece. Consult your artist about the layout. Tattoo by Teresa Sharpe.
Don't you just love it when you know you can trust your tattoo artist cause he draws?! Pretty neat piece by Oleg Turyanskiy.
Simple, bold outlines & bright colors =keys to a good traditional tattoo. Cardinal tattoo by Ben Rorke.
Swallow birds are thought of as messengers of Love - usually depicted carrying a stem of leaves in its beak (interpreted by sailors that there is land nearby), or sometimes carrying a banner with names of loved ones to make sure that their souls reach heaven. The Swallow is one of the classic nautical themes in old school tattooing. Tattoo by Bartollo Tattooer, Italy.
Awesome front piece tattoo by Ben Rorke.
The Eagle dates back to old school tattooing. Popularly worn by US Navy forces and popularized by old school tattooers such as Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy, etc.
Awesome pair of thigh tattoos by James McKenna, WA Ink tattoo shop.
Check out these wicked lil birds by Kelly Doty, done at Off the Map Tattoo.
By Kelly Doty, Off the Map Tattoo
A rooster tattoo looks badass too!
Done by Jack of Green Lotus Tattoo
Love the patterns and shapes in this tattoo!
By Lauren Winzer at Hunter & Fox Tattoo Australia
Totally cool half-realistic half-geometric rendition.
A pretty peacock piece by Sasha Unisex, Russia.
Artist unknown
Diggin' the King Raven's sceptre & ornate robe! Beautiful backpiece but we don't know who the artist is! Pls. send us the name if you know! :)
Tattoo by David Tevenal
Check this out! It's half a bird, half a fish!
"Intelligence without Ambition is like a Bird without Wings." ~Salvador Dali

We hope you enjoyed this article! Stay tuned for more! ;)
Sources: Carlox Angarita (featured image/cover photo), 1000 Tattoos (Taschen publishing)
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