20 Feminine Tattoos

When considering feminine tattoo, the key is to have it accent all the curves and edges. Enjoy these beautiful women tattoos!
Feminine tattoos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing, partially due to the canvas itself. Admittedly, females bring a certain beauty to just about everything. Women are in fact majestic creatures and whether or not they can do it better they certainly look better doing it. The only thing that could top a pretty woman is a pretty woman who wears her ink well.
In the earlier days of tattoos before they went mainstream and everybody had a permanent design of their individuality, tattoos were rugged and manly. Symbolism etched on prisoners and sailors. Feminine tattoos are the opposite, they’re small, soft, delicate, and most importantly form-fitting. Just about any image can be softened up or given a “prettier” feel so a feminine tattoo doesn’t have to be a flower, or the incessantly popular butterfly. With the right style, shading, and placement a snake with a dagger could become the sweetest thing. What’s most important with feminine tattoos is size and placement. Tattoos that are feminine should compliment the beauty of a woman without being overwhelming to do this, airing on the smaller side works best. Small tattoos are usually subtle, dainty, and attractive-typical traits of a lady.
Placement is the corner stone with feminine tattoos. Females already posses beauty and their tattoos should simply highlight what’s already there. To get the right accent, the piece has to be in the perfect place. The ankle is an ever-popular sight for something as simple as a cross all the way to an intricate heart. Other feminine places include; behind the ear, the foot, back of the neck, the shoulder blade, wrist and collarbone. For the secret rebels with a sensual side, a tiny tattoo on the hip is highly suitable. Ribs are not a place for the weak to consider but for those who can tough it out there’s so much space for something amazing that flows with the body. When considering a feminine tattoo, the key is to have it accent all the curves and edges.
Finger tattoo found on Pinterest.com, Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered."
Delicate and unique piece found on Fashionselection.tumblr.com.
Coffee is always better with friends!! Sweetly simple art from Tumblr.com.
Then again coffee is just as fantastic when you're alone. Found on Pinterest.com.
Silver Lining....great placement @CourtneyBaker on Instagram.
Pinterest.com. Delicate black and grey roses, equally bold and feminine.
Fantastic spot for delicate script, found on kiinga.com.
Fantastic spot for delicate script, found on kiinga.com.
Photo found on Tattooideascentral.com, tattoos always look best when you wear them and they don't wear you, especially when it comes to purposed for females.
A softly styled full back tattoo, Pinterest.com.
Form-fitting ribcage feather, Pinterest.com.
Finger tattoos are becoming more and more popular with the ladies, Pinterest.com.
Powerful yet delicate script, Pinterest.com.
This back piece found on hypeness.com.br is a great example that even big tattoos can be soft and beautiful.
A graceful dove on the ankle, pinningjoanna.posterous.com.
The ankle is great spot for both complex and simple feminine tattoos, like this one from clipzine.me.
The ankle is great spot for both complex and simple feminine tattoos, like this one from clipzine.me.
Style plays a large part in creating feminine ink.
This tattoo found on Pinterest.com is an awesome example of feminized ink, soft shading and sensual placement.
Delicate watercolor feathers on the wrist, found on weheartit.com
This black and grey rose shows that feminine tattoos can also be daring, Pinterest.com.
The famous Kat Von D, proving even neck tattoos can be feminine with her form-fitting nature design.