Getting in Touch with Feminine Tattoos

Getting in Touch with Feminine Tattoos

We use our expert eyes to look at what it means to be feminine and some rad feminine tattoos

Are you excited to read what a man has to say about feminine tattoos? What better authority on the subject than a paragon of masculinity such as myself? I definitely have a wide range of authoritative opinions on the subject, all of which are hyper-relevant and urgent, just like most male opinions.

I’d like to think I’m in touch with my femininity, but I still went to Wikipedia just to make sure I knew what exactly the quality of being feminine is. By their definition, femininity “is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women.”

So, I was right in my already-held line of thinking, as my sex often is. The article goes on to state that some traits associated with being feminine are gentleness, sensitivity, and empathy – all of which I have, reinforcing the idea that I am well in touch with my feminine side.

But how best to represent such intangible ideas with tattoo ink? Should feminine tattoos be cute and dainty? Bright and colorful? The answer is that any tattoo can be a feminine tattoo.

All jokes aside, femininity is a dated concept that only serves to continue the existence of a divide between the two sexes. Feminineness and the traits thereof are not womanly in nature, they are human in nature. Today, we find ourselves with the notions we have about manliness and womanliness thanks to centuries of forced classification. These ideas do not serve us well in this modern world and it is time to abandon them.

Collected here are some shining examples of excellent feminine tattoos, all of which wear that adjective in a more traditional sense. And that’s fine, because all of these tattoos are celebrations of not just a woman’s life, but of a human’s life.

Delicate and unique piece found on #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
Then again coffee is just as fantastic when you're alone. Found on #femininetattoo #femininetattoos Delicate black and grey roses, equally bold and feminine. #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
Fantastic spot for delicate script, found on #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
A softly styled full back tattoo, #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
Powerful yet delicate script, #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
This back piece found on is a great example that even big tattoos can be soft and beautiful. #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
The ankle is great spot for both complex and simple feminine tattoos, like this one from #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
Delicate watercolor feathers on the wrist, found on #femininetattoo #femininetattoos
This black and grey rose shows that feminine tattoos can also be daring, #femininetattoo #femininetattoos

Those feminine tattoos are certainly beautiful. I’d like to close by reminding you that anyone can be feminine, and you definitely don’t require a set of ovaries if you want a feminine tattoo.

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