20 Trippy Optical Illusion Tattoos

20 Trippy Optical Illusion Tattoos

Now let's tap the fun side of tattooing and check out these 20 trippy optical illusion tattoos that are fun and mind-boggling.
Kudos to the artists who did these for the love of art. We hope they didn't go crazy tattooing it!
Crazy head tattoo by Cory Ferguson.
Observe and tell me what you see.
This tattoo is an example of a DISTORTING ILLUSION which is characterized by distortions of length, size, position & curvature.
Checkered version by Pierluigi Deliperi.
Back tattoo by Vincent Hocquet, arms by Nazareno Tubaro.
How many candles are there? Tattoo by Joe Ellis.
Round and round and round it goes... Where it stops, nobody knows...
Optical illusion artworks are often ambiguous - having two pictures in one. Can you spot the skull?
The PENROSE TRIANGLE is an example of a PARADOXICAL ILLUSION - where objects seem to look paradoxical or impossible. This is because our brain is dependent on the eye's cognitive understanding that two adjacent edges must join.
Bold & solid work by Phil DeAngulo.
Penrose Triangle Level 100! :P
Looks like there are water ripples above the tattoo!
Visually-stimulating interfering circles
This was done by my tattoo mentor in the Philippines, Alex Rodolfo. He now tattoos in Sweden. Awesome work! Can you spot it?
This would be creepy in real life.
Wait, what?!
Can you spot the Liar?
A Cathedral of Skulls & Bones. Freakin' awesome back piece tattoo!
Creative skull
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