20 World War II Tattoos For D-Day

20 World War II Tattoos For D-Day

6 June 1944, more than 100 000 soldiers from 15 different nations landed on the beaches of Normandy, in France.
The goal was to stop Hitler and give back its freedom to our world. 70 years later, we still celebrate D-Day and these men. They were our grandfathers and fathers, departed or veterans, and many of their descendants chosed to show how proud they were of them by picking war memorial tattoos. Impressive, moving and beautiful, here are 20 tattoos to remember the sacrifice and fight of the WWII heroes. Lest we forget.
This WWII Veteran shows off his tattoos.
Normandy's battle half sleeve.
Portrait of a grandfather, soldier in the WWII.
This sleeve remembers the participation of Great Britain.
Poppy soldier and military cemetery graphic tattoo.
This amazing backpiece shows the different times of the war.
This guy has got all the history of WWII tattooed in his body.
Beautiful tribute of a father who participated to the landing.
Beautiful tattoo. Artist unknown.
Tribute to an aviator by Russ Abbott.
D-Day tattoo by Chloe Black.
Graphic sleeve by Cecil Porter.
The pin-ups helped the soldiers to keep hope. By Caryl Cunningham.
Another Evil Axe sleeve by Carl Lofqvist.
The battle from the sky, by Anson Eastin.
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