30 Of The Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

30 Of The Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

This is NOT a ranking list, but a gathering some of the best graphic tattoo artists we think are worth knowing.
If Tattoo is the 10th art, then Old School is its classic side and Graphic Tattoo its contemporary side. Graphic is a recent style in tattoo, not older than twenty years or so, but it is already considered as the most innovative skin art. It started with the will of some tattoo artists to free themselves from the codes of other styles and to give their creativity and imagination carte blanche. Needless to say that the movement came from European and French speaking countries. French are famous for their graphic tattoo, but also German and East countries, and their influence is spreading worldwide.
Graphic tattoos can go from a reinvention of reality to the purest abstraction, from color to black, to childhood and street influences to watercolor and pop art. The famous names of Graphic tattoo artists, trending on the Internet are of course Xoil, Ivana Belakova, Volko Merschky and Simone Pfaff, Sasha Unisex, Bugs, Topsiturby, Jean-Luc Navette, David Hale, Expanded Eye, Florian Karg, Joey Pang, Lianne Moule, Little Swastiska, Neo, Pietro Sedda, Steph Hanlon, etc.
But allow us to introduce you to some pioneers and also newcomers, full of talent and boldness. Their work is certainly worth knowing. Here is an overview of 30 of the most creative Graphic tattoo artist in the world …
1 Yann Black
Male – Canada (Montreal) – Yann Black Tattoo. You can consider the work of Yann Black as naive, but he is certainly one of the most influent pioneer of Graphic tattoo and tattoo in general.
Yann Black tattoo
2 Jef Palumbo
Male – Belgium (Brussels) – La Boucherie Moderne. This pioneer of graphic tattoo has co-founded La Boucherie Moderne with Kostek, a shop that have influenced numerous talented artists such as Xoil.
3 Kostek
Male - Belgium (Brussels) – La Boucherie Moderne
4 Lea Nahon
Female - Belgium (Brussels) – La Boucherie Moderne. She is famous for her sketch-like dark tattoos.
5 Peter Aurisch
Male – Germany (Berlin) – Nevada Johnny. The founder of the shop Nevada Johnny is one of the most amazing Graphic artists in the world, with a use of colors and abstraction that would blow the mind of many contemporary artists, for example Pablo Picasso.
graphic tattoo by Peter Aurisch
6 Noon
Male – On the road (NYC/London/Berlin/Paris). Also a pioneer, Noon is famous for his childhood inspired delicate tattoos.
7 Ondrash
Male – Czech Republic (Znojmo) – Ondrash Tattoo. No one uses color as Ondrash and his watercolor tattoos are always highly recognizable thanks to their intensity.
graphic tattoo by Ondrash
8 Jan Mraz
Male – Czech Republic (Prague) – Bobek Tattoo. Jan Mraz is also a watercolor tattoo master, but also a great dotwork artist.
8 Peter Bobek
Male - Czech Republic (Prague) – Bobek Tattoo
graphic tattoo by Peter Bobek
9 Petra Hlavackova
Female - Czech Republic (Prague) – Bobek Tattoo
graphic tattoo by Petra Hlavackova
10 Toko Lören
Male – France (Thonon-les-Bains) – Needles’ Side Tattoo. Toko Lören is working with Xoil, needless to add more …
graphic tattoo by ToKo Loren
11 Bouits
Female - France (Thonon-les-Bains) – Needles’ Side Tattoo. This French girl working with Xoil and Lören has got her very own style, mixing fine lines and dotwork with pastel colors.
graphic tattoo by Bouits
graphic tattoo by Bouits
12 Lukas Musil ‘Musa’
Male – Czech Republic (Prague) – Tribo Tattoo.
Getting more and more in abstraction and minimalism, the work of Musa is always a curiosity.
graphic tattoo by Lukas Musil Musa
13 Marie Kraus
Female – On the road (Prague/Berlin)
14 Fabien Batista

Male – France (Perpignan) – Belly Button Tattoo
Fabien Batista
15 Niko Inko
tattoo by Niko Inko
Niko Inko mixes realism with paint effects.
Nike Inko
16 Seb Inkme
Seb Inkme
17 Candelaria Carballo
Female – Argentina (Buenos Aires) – Personal studio. This young lady creates colorful watercolor explosion tattoos.
18 Gael Ricci
Male – On the road (France)
19 Klaim
Male – France (Franconville) – Street Tattoo. The work of Klaim is often mistaken with Realistic Trash Polka, but is closer to those of Xoil or Ivana Belakova.
20 Lenad Nada
Male – France (Lille) – Chiale Baby. Very close to the art of Lea Nahon, with more elements.
Lenad Nada
Lenad Nada
21 Lionel Fahy
Male – France (La Roche sur Yon) – Out of Step Tattoo. Simple and fun.
tattoo by Lionel Fahy
22 Mirco Campioni
Male – Italy (Bologna) – Sundance Tattoo.
tattoo by Mirco Campioni
23 Nils
Male – France (Paris) – Art Corpus Tattoo
Art Corpus Tattoo
24 Piet du Congo
Male – Belgium (Brussels) – La Boucherie Moderne
Piet du Congo
25 Sadhu le Serbe
Male – France (Perpignan) – Old Serb Tattoo Club. The work of Sadhu is really dark.
Sadhu le Serbe
26 William
Male – France (Marseille) – L’aiguille Tatouage
tattoo by William l'Aiguille
27 Lorenzo ‘Loreprod’ Anzini
Male – Italy (Grado) – Alex de Pase Tattoo
28 Marius Trubisz
Male – Poland (Wroclaw) – Personal shop
tattoo by Marius Trubisz
29 Amanda Wachob
Female – USA (Brooklyn) – Personal shop
tattoo by Amanda Wachob
30 Hector Cedillo
Male – Ecuador (Cuenca) - Ironhorse Tattoo Collective
Made by Hector Cedillo
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