35 Lucky Tattoos For Friday 13th

35 Lucky Tattoos For Friday 13th

Are you ready for the next Friday 13th at your local tattoo parlor? These tattoos for Friday 13th will prepare you!
Tattoos and superstitions have always made good bed fellows, thanks to sailors and rockers. On every Friday the 13th, tattoo parlors all over the world (and especially in the US) are preparing flash designs for customers who like to tempt Fate. Ink Master judge and old school artist Oliver Peck has even made it a tradition and a world record, tattooing 415 number 13 on just one Friday the 13th ... Friday 13th are considered bad luck because some think that Jesus was crucified that day. Rapper Tupac has also been killed a 13 ... For others, it is good luck. Or just the title of an horror movie ...
But if you wish to put all the chances with you, you can rely on lucky charms tattoos. The most popular are of course the horseshoe and the four leaf clover. The horseshoe has to be placed the ends upwards to 'prevent happiness from falling' ... The four leaf clover, very rare, was, according to ancient beliefs from druids, supposed to bring love, wealth and protect from demons.
Watercolor wishbone tattoo. Artist unknown, send us the crédits.
If you wish to attract luck, you can also get an animal foot tattoo : but not any would work. Rabbit foot and chicken foot are powerful charms (for believers) often used as small lucky tattoos. Rabbit foot talismans must be prepared with an animal killed a Friday 13th with a silver bullet ! They also prevent teeth aches ... Chicken feet belong to the Voodoo tradition and came be both a blessing and an omen.
Maneki Nekos are cute, but also good protectors. Coming from Japan, these smiling cats waving at the passerbys can make you rich. Usually white, they are a good positive alternative to black cats. But remember, black cats only bring bad luck when you meet them at night. By day, they are totally harmless for their owners and neighbours ... Stay in bed and everything should be okay ...
Skulls and skeletons are sometimes added to Lucky tats for dead people are not unlucky anymore ... By Tattoo Boogaloo.
Another bad omen is breaking a mirror. Seven years of misery are awaiting you ... unless you cross your fingers or walk in dog's poo, two other lucky tricks (first one is less smelly than second one if you wish to try ...). Other fate symbols are of course dice, 8 ball, ouija planchette, poker cards, roulette, tarot cards and other games of chance.
Cute Maneki Neko by Sasha Unisex.
Nice rabbit foot charm.
Horseshoe and evil eye by Phatt German.
Roulette for players ... By Pete Terranova.
Number 13 haunted by skulls ...
Horseshoes and clovers by Monique of Euro Tattoo Studio.
These dice by Mike DeVries are hot like Hell !
Stunning 3D dice by Miguel Bohigues.
Evil black cat by Megan Massacre.
The Hanged man is a Tarot symbol for wealthness and destiny. By Matt Houston.
Another Maneki Neko, very colorful and cute.
Lady Luck is a popular old school pinup.
Rad 13 feet by Jon Larson.
Awesome 3D effect chest tattoo by John Anderton. His customer is fully protected !!!
Ouija planchette by Jeremy Hamilton.
Rabbit foot by Jason Reeder.
The Horus eye is not an Evil eye but a protection symbol of the Ancient Egypt.
13 Skull by Holly Azzarra.
Lucky pinup by Hannah Aitchinson, Best Ink judge.
Ouch ! Broken Mirror here ! By Daniel Gray.
Vintage fingers crossed by Damian Electric.
Chicken foot with 13 label.
Another broken Mirror by Adam Hays ... Hope it won't happen to you a Friday 13th !
Old school Lucky tattoo by Old Glory.
Fingers crossed to end this article ... We just have to wish you a good day and all the luck in the world ... ;)
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