35 Poetic Hot Air Balloon Tattoos

35 Poetic Hot Air Balloon Tattoos

Hot air balloon tattoos are not really widespread but they are a very positive design idea.
Looking vintage or modern, they remind us of summer time where they are making beautiful gatherings in the blue sky. They are silent, soothing and as they are also colorful, detailed and coming in all shapes possible, they are making perfect custom tattoo designs.
If the aerostats are linked to Steampunk and sci-fi, the hot air balloons are directly connected with the idea of absolute freedom and power on your life. With they lightness, they symbolize the way of life "Take it easy". Suiting both women and men, they can be inspirational, romantic, poetic or even funny, depending of the design and style of tattoo chosen.
Here is a collection of 35 hot air balloon tattoos that will make you take off and reach the sky ...
There are some awesome details on this piece by Raphael Tiraf ...
Conceptual and beautiful tattoo by Marie Kraus.
Poetic and meaningful tattoo by LW.
A sleeve with many balloons by Kyle Porter.
A very graphic and minimalistic take by Kenji Alucky.
Vintage cuteness by Karla Yvette.
Nice colors by Johnny Jinx.
Very nice colors too and nice placement.
Very great sleeve.
When balloons meet dandelions ...
Framed is also a good idea.
Lovely vintage design by Clay McCay.
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