Sink Your Teeth Into These Shark Tattoos

Sink Your Teeth Into These Shark Tattoos

We celebrate sharks, nature’s perfect killing machines, with some shark tattoos

It’s Shark Week here at Tattoodo and we’re going to be checking out some totally sick shark tattoos. We’ve got… Well, for one, I’ve just been told my editors that we do not have the rights to the phrase “Shark Week.” Apparently the Discovery Channel owns those two words and we could get in a lot of trouble if we use them. Great.

So, as I was saying, it’s Shark Day here at Tattoodo and we’ve cast our nets far and wide to catch some of the best shark tattoos on the internet.

Sharks are some of the most majestic creatures found in the ocean, and they’ve been there for a long ass time – some 400 million years to be exact. They haven’t really needed to evolve in that time because they’re already about as close to perfect as evolution gets. They’re ruthless killing machines with only a small handful of predators of their own.

From Jaws to DIC’s Street Sharks, sharks have a firm place in the realm of pop culture. This is probably due to the fact that sharks are the things of nightmares. Don’t take our word for it, just watch this scene from Deep Blue Sea that is totally terrifying and not funny at all. Despite what Sam Jackson would have you believe, sharks thankfully only kill about four people a year while humans kill tens of thousands. This is one war we’re winning.

It is honor of these super tight fish that we have assembled this collection of amazing pictures of shark tattoos. Each of these tattoos is a solid tribute to the best evolution has to offer. So, go on, sink your teeth into these shark tattoos.

Graphic dotwork piece by Valentin Hirsh. @valentinhirsh #shark #sharktattoo
Wicked head tattoo ! #shark #sharktattoo
Geometric tattoo (unknown artist). #shark #sharktattoo #geometrictattoo
Clever pic ... ;) #shark #sharktattoo ##bathttime
Love the sexy placement, the colors and the mix between neo trad and tribal ! By Ryan Cooper Thompson #RyanCooperThompson #shark #sharktattoo
The shark tattoo of model Missy Phillips. #missyphillips #shark #sharktattoo
Neat work by Jan Mraz. #janmraz #shark #sharktattoo
Perfect, fun and rock'n'roll !!!!! By Ievgen Knysh. #ivanknysh #shark #sharktattoo
New school fun by David Tevenal. #davidtevenal #shark #sharktattoo
Love this one by David Hale #davidhale #shark #sharktattoo
Badass neck piece by Chris Paez #chrispaez #shark #sharktattoo
Freaky and awesome piece by Anderson Luna. #andersonluna #shark #sharktattoo

Those were some awesome shark tattoos. We hope you’ve enjoyed Shark Day here at Tattoodo. I guess this means we aren’t going to run my four other articles about sharks this week.

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