40 Badass Shark Tattoos

Indomitable, fearless, powerful and bold : these are the meanings associated with shark tattoos.
If you think that sharks are bloodthirsty and vicious killers, you have propably watched too much horror movies. For ages, sharks have been respected and admired by our ancestors who knew that those animals were only attacking when provoked and disturbed by environmental troubles, i.e. when man was responsible.
The Maoris consider the mako (the shark) as the king of the oceans and the most sacred fish. That's why the shark is often found in tribal tattoo designs. It is also common as a Celtic design, as the shark was a Druidic symbol for a new beggining.
Men would prefer more aggressive shark tattoos, with realistic, old school and new school styles, while women would covet peaceful and graceful designs, with graphic and dotwork effects.
The shark is a gorgeous animal that need our protection and respect. Yes, it is dangerous, but we are too. Love them or just want some killer tattoos ? Check these 40 rad shark tattoos ...
Graphic dotwork piece by Valentin Hirsh.
Epic fight with rad colors by Tim and Jeff Paetzold.
Awesome Thomas Hooper tattoo !
Badass hand tat by Theresa Sharpe.
Graphic tattoo by Sven Groenewald.
Wicked head tattoo !
Beautiful sidepiece.
Geometric tattoo (unknown artist).
Epic sleeve.
Clever pic ... ;)
Great realistic back tattoo.
Another fun cupcake tattoo :)
Old school shark.
Rad torso piece.
Gentleman shark.
Fun finger tat.
Love the sexy placement, the colors and the mix between neo trad and tribal ! By Ryan Cooper Thompson.
Model Radeo Suicide's shark tattoo, photo by Christian Saint.
Great Celtic piece by Piotr Szot.
Tribal inspired piece by Monique of Euro Tattoo.
Great piece by Mitch Allenden.
The shark tattoo of model Missy Phillips.
Killer tat by London Reese.
Japanese inspired sidepiece by Kyle Walker.
Great piece by Kups.
Epic sidepiece by Kirk Alley.
New school neck badassery by Jonathan Montalvo ...
Neat work by Jan Mraz.
Badass or cute ? By Jamie Kirchen.
Another hardcore face tattoo by Jamie Elliot. Guts !
Epic piece by James Acrow !
Photorealism by Iwan Yug.
Perfect, fun and rock'n'roll !!!!! By Ievgen Knysh.
Beautiful sleeve by Graham Fisher.
Fun dapper shark by Golem.
New school fun by David Tevenal.
Love this one by David Hale !
Rad piece by Cockney of Hand in Gloves Tattoo.
Badass neck piece by Chris Paez !
Freaky and awesome piece by Anderson Luna.