40 Enticing Pin-up Tattoos

40 Enticing Pin-up Tattoos

Inspired by the vintage creations of pin-up masters such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, pin-up girls are not reserved for G.Is anymore.
Pin-up are glamour and sometimes very cheeky, but they are also very talented : they are very few jobs they can't do, from fire fighter to nurse (who else can do both ?) ... Whatever their costume (or absence of costume !), they are a symbol of absolute feminity with their exagerated female shapes and enticing positions. They have evolved a lot from their beginnings with Sailor Jerry, and now, many New School artists are coveting their enormous and cartoonish lips and hips. But they are not that easy to tattoo, and it takes skills to make a great sexy pin-up, so make sure your artists have got already some in his portfolio. Feminists hate them ? Many women have pin-up tattoos to show off their feminity ... They are definitely more positive than Femmes Fatales and always cheer you up !
Anyhow, they are a solid part of tattoo art history and it is always pleasing to look at their smiling faces and their impressive gams. So, if you are looking for some gorgeous pin-up girls tattoos here are 40 that would surely catch your heart ...
Vintage French maid by David Corden.
More pin-up ladies by David Corden.
This smiling pin-up certainly makes her owner very happy (artist unknown, please tell us).
Playful lady by Xavier Garcia Boix.
Vintage backpiece.
Lovely sailor girl by Victor Chil.
Ready to kick some serious ass by Valerie Vargas ...
New school by Tim Senecal.
G.I. Jane by Tim Orth.
Rockabilly by pin-up master Tim Hendricks ...
Pirate and her booty by Tatu Baby.
Love when pin-up tattoos have tattoos !!!
Nice black and grey beach photorealism by Silvia Princess.
Ready to rock around the clock by Shane O'Neill.
Lovely colors.
Inspired by a pin-up shot of actress Kristen Bell (also by Rember Orellana).
Sexy blonde by Randy Engelhard.
Pin ups are making nice sleeves.
She's the icing on the cake ... By Paris Pieredis.
LOVE this old school cheeky thing !
Burlesque lady by Nimrod Tiger.
Impressive piece by Nikko Hurtado.
That's one big pin-up tattoo ! Also by master Nikko Hurtado.
Funky vintage girl by Mike DeVries.
Manga style piratess by Matt Difa.
Adorable sailor by Mat Lapping ...
Oh, I didn't remember that Bobba Fett was that sexy ! By Mat Lapping too.
Lovely pirate girl (apparently it is a pretty common job for pin-ups) by Marija Ripley.
Roller derby girl by Joey Hamilton.
Nice caring nurse by Hannah Aitchinson.
Cleaning up your mess !
Is she stopping the fire or setting it up ?
You don't want to mess with this one ... by Eric Marcinizyn.
One foxy lady by Den Yakovlev.
Gorgeous Hawaian piece by Deluxe Tattoo.
Vintage by Dean Taylor.
A very fancy one by Chris Garver !
Nice one by Benjamin Laukis.
And one more for the road ... by Aaron Bell.
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