40 Irresistible Child Portrait Tattoos

Many parents decide to show their love for their offspring with a nice lettering tattoo of their kids' names, or even a portrait.
Portraits, especially of children, are very difficult to do. It requires skill for an artist to render all their vivacity and wonderful joy of living. The portrait not only need to be that realistic that we would be able to spot the cute mischief in their eyes but also to feel the love their parents have for them. If you wish to have your daughter or son inked forever into your skin, secure yourself a good tattoo artist and bring the largest picture you have with the best quality. The best portrait tattooists would tell them that it is the picture that is the most important. Except if you want something more artistic of course.
Whether you are a proud parent, a future parent or just an admirer of pristine photorealistic work, take a look at those 40 adorable child portrait tattoos by some of the best.
Nice black and grey portrait paired with colorful flowers, by Stoty.
A daydreaming boy ... By Stefano Alcantara.
Amazing portrait showing the resemblance to the photo. Done by Corey Miller.
Cute little face and nice details in the hair by Shane O'Neill.
Another fun one by Shane O'Neill.
Hell of a cutie pie with cherry blossoms! By Samantha Ford.
A colorful and adorable backpiece by Roman.
Great work by Rob Richardson.
Who could resist this little rascal? By Remis.
You can be as creative as they are while playing! Nice idea by Paul, mixing the portrait with the name!
Cute baby by Paul Oliver.
This is a lullaby for the eyes, by Paul Booth.
Tattoo artist Ovidiu succeeded in rendering her happiness and cute little face.
This is one gorgeous tattoo by Niki Norberg.
Adorable little boy by Mike DeVries.
Praying little girl by Mike DeMasi.
And one baby boy, also by DeMasi.
She's laughing to see how realistic she is! By Meehow Kotarski.
Amazing and beautiful idea: A kid blowing the universe into existence by Matthew Agius ... Out of this world!
Cute little princess by London Reese.
Brothers with joy in their eyes, also by Reese.
A fancy and irresistible portrait by Logan Aguilar.
Cute as a button! By Liz Cook.
That one great kid portrait, but the artist's name has been lost in the internet. Could you enlighten us in the comments?
Great work by Line Marielle Kloosterman.
Reminds of the work of Ann Geddes. By Heather Maranda.
Girl with a flower crown by Elvia Guadian.
Kid dressed as Luke Skywalker in the snow from Star Wars - Great idea! By David Corden.
A funny little girl!
Lovely eyes by Dark Odyssey.
Little blonde girl by Daniel Martos.
They are our own angels... By Dani Martos too.
Cute portrait by Corey Miller.
You can tattoo them everywhere, even in your hands! By Cecil Porter.
The blue here is so vivid! That is an impressive piece of work! Help us figure out who the artist is: Post your findings in the comment.
Having fun with this piece by Benjamin Laukis.
Another baby on the hand.
Work in progress by Andy Engel... breath-taking.
Sweet as honey! Lovely tattoo by Aaron Peters!
Sweet little smile by Phil Young.