Portrait Tattoos Let You Remember Your Children When They Were Cute

Portrait Tattoos Let You Remember Your Children When They Were Cute

We’re sharing some adorable children’s portrait tattoos because it makes us feel better about not having kids of our own

One of the most difficult tattoos to pull off well is the portrait tattoo. Realism is key when reproducing a human likeness, and it takes skill and talent to make a portrait tattoo look incredible. Because of the difficulty involved, many tattoo artists just straight up refuse to do them.

How many times have we all had a good laugh at a poorly executed portrait tattoo? Botched portraits are one of the hardest tattoo regrets to live down. Even the best touch ups and cover ups usually can’t hide a hideous portrait tattoo.

Thankfully, there are some tattoo artists out there who can pull off amazingly lifelike portrait tattoos. We’ve assembled a gallery based around the theme of child portraits, because, let’s face it, most of the worst portraits we have ever seen were of children and we want to set the record straight – awesome realistic portrait tattoos of children are definitely possible.

One great thing about getting your child’s portrait tattooed on you is that no matter what happens, they are bound to you. They’re your fucking kid, they can’t break up with you, which makes a child’s portrait a much better tattoo choice than a lover’s. It’s also a smart bet to capture them at their most adorable, because as life goes on, anything could happen to damage the mint condition of your child’s looks. Plus who wants a portrait of their adult child tattooed on their body? Not my mother, and believe me, I’ve barked up that tree.

So, let’s kick back and take a look at these cute little portrait tattoos of children. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to get one of your own – a portrait tattoo or a child.

Another fun one by Shane O'Neill. #shaneoneill #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Who could resist this little rascal? By Remis. #remis #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Tattoo artist Ovidiu succeeded in rendering her happiness and cute little face. #ovidiu #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
This is one gorgeous tattoo by Niki Norberg. #nikinorberg #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Praying little girl by Mike DeMasi. #mikedemasi #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
She's laughing to see how realistic she is! By Meehow Kotarski. #meoohowkotarski #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Amazing and beautiful idea: A kid blowing the universe into existence by Matthew Agius Out of this world! #matthewagius #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Brothers with joy in their eyes, also by Reese. #reese #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Cute as a button! By Liz Cook. #lizcook #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Great work by Line Marielle Kloosterman. #linemariellekloosterman #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Another baby on the hand. #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Little blonde girl by Daniel Martos. #danielmartos #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo
Work in progress by Andy Engel... breath-taking. #andyengel #portraittattoo #childportraittattoo

If only they stayed like that forever! Thanks for checking out these cool portrait tattoos. If you want one of your own, we cannot give any better advice than do your research. Great portrait tattoos can be had, but it takes legwork. Or you could settle for a bad one – we’ll need more bad tattoos to laugh at in the future.

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