40 Music Tattoos That Rock

40 Music Tattoos That Rock

Celebrate music with these 40 Music Tattoos That Rock!
The connection between music and tattoos has always been extremely strong, as musicians and music lovers have always enjoyed expressing their passion through their tattoos. Tattoos are even sometimes a popular theme for songs – for example, do you know these lyrics?
« I got Elvis on my elbow
When I flex, Elvis talks
I got hula girls on the back of my leg
And she hulas when I walk. »
These are the immortal words of Van Halen, of course. Elvis is probably one of the most common inspirations for music tattoos out there. You might think that people who get their favourite singer or band inked are usually late teenagers, but unless you are covered with tributes to Miley Cyrus, like this guy, it is way more common and cool to have Lemmy of Motörhead or Beethoven on your skin. Musicians are role models and heroes for many people who want to pay tribute to their influence and creativity. That’s something to respect, especially when a skilled tattoo artist complements this with a great portrait tattoo.
In the same manner, songs are an essential part of our lives. They allow us to recall our memories – good or bad, happy or sad – and we can usually pick an album cover or lyrics to keep this memory with us forever. But why not have a musical tattoo that’ll make you hum the song each time you see it? Make sure you are committed to the styles though! What will your Gangnam Style tattoo say about you in ten years?!
Finally, musicians have an unique connection with their instruments, from the guitars of rock to the grand pianos of classical music. These instruments always make for legendary and inspiring tattoos.
And so we celebrate music, all types of music, always! But today, we have collected for you 40 tattoo ideas that will totally inspire your inner musical side!
Mozart, one of the fathers of music … Here in a zombie twist … (artist unknown, tell us).
Rapper Tupac had a song called Tattoo Tears. Lot of fans are crying when listenning to his songs now. Portrait by Stevie Monie.
G clef and vintage microphone by Takeshiyin.
The great Jimi Hendricks by Tom Renshaw
Graphic tape tattoo by Spunky Freespirit.
Someone worships his IPod … Tat by Slawek Myskow
Electro band The Prodigy singer by Sake from Greece. Nice energy here.
Jazz musician John Coltrane by Robert Hernandez.
Propably not a real tattoo but these Radiohead lyrics could definitely inspire someone for a real piece of ink, couldn’t they ?
A nice idea for girls, inspired by a famous Man Ray picture. Very sexy shot by TJ Scott.
Lyrics of song Crucify by Tori Amos, ink by by Paul Aherne.
Another great portrait of Jimi Hendricks by Paul Acker
Graphic tattoo of band Pantera by Xoil
Badass notes on knuckles ... Love that !
The fans of The Smiths & Morrissey are so ink addicted that events are created to shot the tattoos ! This splendid one is by Nikko Hurtado, of course.
New school Beethoven on hand by Nigel Kurt.
Graphic tattoo of a boy with headphones.
Amazing portrait of Ozzy by Mr Dist!
Lovely black and grey violin tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin.
More graphic take by Mateutsa.
Another G clef and mic by Manta.
Trash Polka style DJ stuff by Mac.
Nice gramophone tattoo by LTW.
Rad guitar tat by Leo Rojas …
Kurt Cobain by Khan … Gorgeous.
Wow, that’s a dedicated fan … The cover of Joy Division’s album, Unknown pleasures on the whole back !
New school tape by John Anderton.
When the Beatles meet Japanese sleeves, it rocks ! Great work by Johan Finné.
Another musical sleeve by Johan Finné.
How much do you love your instrument ?
Certainly a guitar player.
This is an amazing tattoo … Of course, the purest music is those of the birds and Nature …
Beatles iconic album cover by Ellen Westholm.
Lady Gaga’s fans love to ink her as well. Here by Electric Linda.
Badass AC/DC album cover by Dmitriy Samohin
“Music Forever” tattoo by Daniel Tremblay.
Lovely punk pin up by Chris Garver !
This hardcore metal fan has got a whole Slipknot backpiece done by Casey Anderton.
Michael Jackson by Andrea Afferni.
Do you recognize this album’s cover ? It is London Calling by The Clash. Great work by AD Pancho.
Graphic guitar tattoo by A.D. Pancho too.
And as a bonus for all you rockers out there, here are 10 songs about tattoos to rock your day or night!
Imelda May – Love Tattoo
The Who – Tattoo
Van Halen – Tattoo
Kid Ink – Tattoo of my name
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
Popa Chubby – Mona Lisa Tattoo
Vince Neil – Tattoos & Tequila
Jei – Tattoo
Shemekia Copland – Ain’t gonna be your tattoo
Blue Oyster Club – Tattoo Vampire
Rock on!
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