10 Beautiful Cross-stitch Tattoos

10 Beautiful Cross-stitch Tattoos

Cross-stitch tattoos beautiful form of embroidery look amazing and delightfully interesting.
Who would've known that cross-stitches look great this time not on aida cloth-but on bare skin?!! Tattooing is like embroidering the skin, as a foot-pedaled sewing machine does to a cloth. For hobbyists who has tattoos and cross-stitching sewn together to their interests, take delight in these! And for those looking to get a memorial tattoo in honor of mom, auntie, grandma or best bud, may these patterns warm your hearts in their memory.
Awesome Cross-stitch Tattoo
Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture.
Isn't it amazing how patterns of different-colored crosses would form a nice picture?
A nice and unusual way to render a rose tattoo! This one's really cool. It's pixelated and cross-stitched! WHOA!
Esther Garcia (Butterfat Studio, Chicago IL) playin' around with geometry.
Beautiful cross-stitch tattoo
We hope you enjoyed these heart-warming tattoo designs! :) Have a lovely day!
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