12 Awesome Custom Tattoodo Designs

12 Awesome Custom Tattoodo Designs

Have an idea for a tattoo? At Tattoodo we have more than 3,000 custom designers ready to sketch up designs for you.
The only thing you have to do is to describe your idea and choose your price tier. Our artists will take care of the rest. Get started now!
Had a great experience on Tattoodo. Many great artists. Killer idea and best of all I got a killer tattoo design from it. Highly recommended. Thanks Tattoodo! Jonathan Gicewicz, USA. Want to see what the Tattoodo designers can do? Take a look at these 12 awesome custom-made tattoo designs, all done here at the website in the custom section.
Turtle with ships wheel and anchor by Ernest Gerber
Skull-Rose Armor by Denis Pakowacz
You can expect to receive 10+ unique tattoo designs. And if you don’t get the perfect design for you, we offer a full refund. The price for a custom-made tattoo design ranges from $99 to $299. The price depends on how complex the design is and the level of talent you wish to attract in order to get the best artists and top quality designs. I totally recommend Tattoodo to anyone who wish to have an AWESOME tattoo design. Great treatment, great experience, great professionals! Juliana Queiroz, Brazil
300 sleeve! by Krizsanóvszki
Steampunk Stork by Radecupo
Apocalyptic gas mask by Bugylution
Sailor tattoos by Lefeverish
My Tattoo was designed by a dozen different talented artists across the world. The result were 3 amazing drawings that were so good that I ended up buying all 3 designs, John Dzeima, USA
Girl and flowers by Asfahani
Traditional Dachshund by SailorDave
Funky fish by Meatwork
There’s a lot of great artists on the site and awesome support from the crew. You won't be disappointed, and I will definitely recommend it to all my friends! But I warn you. it will be difficult to pick your winning design coz there’s a lot of talented guys.) I got a great design and can’t wait to get inked!! Roman, Russia What are you waiting for? Submit your idea today, and by this time next week, you’ll have a design you love.
Want to know more about how it works? Check out this short video where Ami James explains, how to get a custom tattoo design at Tattoodo.
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