20 Luscious Lips Tattoos

20 Luscious Lips Tattoos

Lips: one of women's sexiest feature... They are the perfect tattoo design to symbolize feminity and glamour...
..and with a hint of colored lipstick to make them look even more fleshy and glossy.
Showing some tongue or bitting a fruit (the classic strawberry or cherries to match the shiny red of the flesh) or a symbolic object, such as a cross or a bullet, they of course refer to lust and greed. Lipstick mark tattoos are very sensual too and more popular, but if you are afraid to wear a gang-related tattoo (lipstick marks may refer to the kiss of death, murder) and want to ink something cheeky, then real lips are way more original and safe of dangerous meaning. The more creative you would be, the better : from bloody vampire lips to mysterious esoteric messages, you know your tattoo will be genuinely unique and sexy.
If you think that eye tattoos are a bit too popular and conventional for you and if you wish to get a tattoo to express your inner hedonist, then give lip with those 20 hypnotizing lips tattoos... xoxo ;)
Beautiful lips morphing into a rose by Andres Acosta.
Great pop colors here by Dane Grannon.
Saucy vampire bite by David Corden.
The universe Inside her mouth by Emrah Ozhan.
Bullets are a symbol of death, but also of sex (I guess you know why!) and teamed with sexy lips they're making badass tattoos. Here by Jesus Sanchez.
The cult image from American Horror Story by Ryan El Dugi Lewis.
Bitting lips... a reference to Sixty shades of Grey? Tattoo by Khan.
Funny lips melting popsicle with pop background! By Mark Stew.
That's a big bad mouth! By Michele Turco.
Bloody lips with a rose by Moni Marino.
Pierced with a lock and a key: deep meaning here, also by Moni Marino.
Naughty vampire mouth inspired by True Blood, tattooed by realism master Nikko Hurtado.
Graphic singing mouth by Nils.
Another graphic design by Paul Talbot.
Suggestive pierced tongue here by Pete Belson.
Awesome blue lips with lettering design by Megan Massacre
"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness", piece of advice by graphic artist Xoil.
Vintage photography effect here by Zhivko Baychev: glamorous!
And the popular kiss mark with a skull, here on a sexy place...
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