22 Tasteful Palm Tattoos

22 Tasteful Palm Tattoos

There are issues with Palm tattoos (as well as on the inner lips & bottom of feet) about fading out, dissipating or falling off.
This is due to its own epidermal regeneration and most artists would not recommend it. However, some still have the good eye for it. Given the right design & a knowledgeable artist for the job, you'll get a good palm tattoo... if you really want one! But first, here's stuff you oughta know. Check out these 20 tasteful palm tattoos for learning & amusement. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: this article isn't meant to encourage palm tattoos.
Does it hurt? Yes. In fact the palms are one of the most sensitive areas in the body with a lot of nerve endings. These nerves are connected to our internal organs. So if ever you get  a palm tattoo and feel a tinge in your stomach, that could be it.
In getting a palm tattoo, simple & bold outlines are your best bet. Tattoo by Kenji Alucky.
Butterfly palm tattoo
Creative & unique! Tattoo by Kenji Alucky.
We do not suggest colors on palm tattoos because they'll fall off. Tattoo by Kenji Alucky
Some tattoo artists aren't for hand or palm tattoos because they are job-stoppers. So if you really want one, find an artist who is comfortable with the idea.
Keep it simple & sophisticated. Mandala flower by Philip Yarnell.
Looks good as a pair!
Symbols look pretty good too.
Solid work by Thomas Hooper.
The Penrose triangle, as seen in our Optical illusions article.
You can also choose to tattoo up the fingers. Would be cool!
Just trippin'
It's just amusing how people have more and more ways to commit & express themselves through tattoos and explore beyond its limits.
Got a Whale Tale to tell ya.
Trippy. *_*
LIKE WHOA. @____@
Always dreamed of catching a butterfly. They're just so elusively beautiful.
High fives!!!
We wouldn't recommend this, but this is just too funny! :))
"I personally persuade people not to get their palms, lips or bottoms of feet tattooed purely for the fact of epidermal regeneration. The skin is constantly regenerating and slowly pushes the ink. I definitely would suggest against white because it is super light to begin with. Even with black ink you'll have to have them touched up every 4-6 months. If you have no qualms about paying a studio minimum every several months & don't mind the healing process over & over, then have at it."

-Adam Godwin, The Dungeon Inc. Body Art Studio, Colorado.
We hope you enjoyed this article. Have a great day! :)

To see more Palm tattoos, follow our Pinterest board.
Sources: Cover photo by Kenji Alucky, The science of Epidermal regeneration, http://www.livestrong.com/article/302574-does-it-hurt-to-have-your-palm-tattooed/
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