24 Colorful & Vibrant Aquatic Tattoos

24 Colorful & Vibrant Aquatic Tattoos

The Aquatic life is such a wonder. The vastness and depth of the ocean, as well as the mysterious creatures in it, as outer space itself.
It has long been fascinatingly intriguing. Would you believe that mermaids exist? Could it be possible that there are aliens who live underwater? What else is under there?! Many myths on creation start with the primordial waters---aided and guided by sea gods & goddesses towards higher evolution. These subjects are interesting for people who are drawn to the open waters, and definitely a good subject as a tattoo! take delight in these 24 colorful & vibrant aquatic tattoos to freshen up your day. :)
Lovin' the cool deep blues in this tattoo.
golden fish
Looks like it's swimming right at ya!
Check out the brave guy swimming with the sharks! Would be freakin scary if it was real!
And check out this awesome post-apocalyptic theme! like in the movies!
This one's really calming. Would love to retreat to this place. Would you?
fish in a pond sleeve
The Koi Fish --- Tattooing's most popular fish tattoo. :) More of these in our Koi fish tattoos article.
shark backpiece
To have as many sea creatures as you want to create the most colorful underwater tattoo possible, we suggest you go bigger!
sea shells and stars
Pretty little seashells by Tony Ciavarro.
dolphin backpiece
Did you know? Dolphins are normally found in shallow waters in groups of around a dozen.
mysterious ocean
For those who dream of Antlantis.
sea horse
Hellooo funky seahorse!
Wassup galactic jellyfish! Tattoo by Dan Molloy.
electric eels on the bottom of the ocean
Very finely detailed sea floor leg piece by Remis.
Ever had dreams of finding treasures underwater as a kid? This tattoo's totally nostalgic! Tattoo by Daniel Conklin, Super Genius Tattoo, WA.
dreamlike ocean
An aquatic theme on the side of the body fits well too!
aquanaut in the sea
Say Cheese!
Pretty intense shark & orca tattoo by the awesome Dmitriy Samohin.
Funky fish by Pavel Krim. Beautiful painter-style color laydown.
turtle in the ocean
The sea turtle and the ship are good aquatic subjects as well.
One can also go black & grey. Tattoo by Valentin Hirsch.
dolphin on the shoulder
And for something totally random....It's 3D and it's cleverly done!!! Salutes to the guy who got this tattoo!
Beautiful blue sleeve by Nick Baxter
mysterious ocean
love the underwater feel of blues in this coral/bio-organic foot tattoo!

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