25 Badass Knee Tattoos

25 Badass Knee Tattoos

There's something that's visually strong and sexy about knee cap tattoos that balance the intensity of the placement and the artistry in it.
Knee tattoos are stunningly beautiful. To non-tattoo enthusiasts, it may seem quite intimidating. But that's the knee tattoo for you! Not everybody likes it, and that's what's bad-ass! But really, the knees are fun circular spaces to fill in to complete the ultimate leg piece tattoo. So if you're looking to get one, choose a design that suits the area, considering that the skin on the knees are thicker, and see that the tattoo lasts long by choosing strong designs and that you follow aftercare procedures accordingly. If you're a serious tattoo collector, these tips might be helpful. Enjoy these 25 Badass knee tattoos for inspiration.
A severed head, just for fun. Tattoo done by our good friend Tox from the Philippines. :D
Monster head knee tattoo, by the awesome Chad Koeplinger
Rose knee tattoo
A rose, to reveal your soft side.
Or Russian stars? Wait, nope! Did you know? In Russia, the Prisoners with the highest ranks called the "Thieves-in-law" are marked with "thieves' stars" on their knees to represent their ranks. The tattoos are also symbolic of  never kneeling to authorities. If you get these stars tattooed without their approval, or without you earning it as excruciatingly as they did, they will kill you. Foreals. O__O
Awesome black and grey tattoo by Thomas Hooper
Japanese oriental tattoos
Japanese oriental tattoos look great as full cover sleeve tattoos.
Tiger knee tattoo
It's like saying "fuck off" without having to.
Side knees skull tattoo
Side-of-knee placement's also good.
Fierce animal heads are always good choices. Love this colorful dragon!
Eye tattoo
Or you can also put eyes on your knees. Just for creative fun.
A bold circular pattern also works well.
Beautiful lettering tattoos by Jim Sylvia
You can also try the back of the knees if you can handle it! :P
Linework knee tattoo
Awesome linework here!
Spider web tattoo
Did you know? The Spider web tattoo traditionally meant that the prisoner has done time in prison.
Skull tattoos
This is maximizing the use of space! Awesome size & placement for a pair of matching tattoos!
Tattoo by Stefan Johnsson
Bee tattoo
She's got the bees' knees.
Beautiful full leg sleeve
See how beautiful tattoos really are?!
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