40 Bold Blackwork Tattoos

40 Bold Blackwork Tattoos

Tattoo lovers are distinguishing two types of tattoos: colorful or black and grey. But the tribal roots of tattoos come in black ink.
Therefore, a style of tattoos is standing out for years, widely called blackwork or neo-tribal, and gaining more and more popularity. Welcome into the reign of monochrome... Some people may find it extreme, or lacking of aesthetic search, but the choice of blackwork lovers deserve a lot of respect for boldness and also strength. Blackwork is pushing dotwork and linework to their extreme, with massive black tint areas, complex geometrical and symmetrical patterns influenced by Polynesian tattoos and graphic art. It focuses on the design, mostly ornamental, rather than the meaning or realism. From minimal to extremely intricate, blackwork tattoos are standing out. Yet, you can always add white ink to soften the black tint. Blackwork is also a possibility for cover-ups. But forget about laser removal, so think before you ink! Many artists are well-known for their blackwork specialization, and even tattoo shops (I'm thinking to the Into you shop of London, with Alex Binnie, Curly Moore and Tomas Tomas, but a little bit of research would lead you to many other names), so take the time to find the right artist if you want to come back to black...
So, would you Paint it Black? :D Let's explore blackwork possibilities gradually with these 40 all black tattoos covering the body from 1% to almost 90%... From 1% covered... Black works well with minimalism. You can make the most with the less, which means delicate yet standing out tattoos.
A simple black strip turning into music notes. Elegant work by Piotr Szot.
A bold line ending with a gradation of dots. Work by Allan Tuul.
Armbands by Lenad Nada.
ear's edge tattoo by Delphine Noiztoy.
Playing with negative spaces.
Simple squares or starry cuff: these are making this photography very bold.
Work by Carlos from Elektrisk Tatovering.
Geometric patterns on this hand by Delphine Noiztoy.
Bold hand blackwork by Nazareno Tubaro.
... nearly 30% covered... Blackwork can add a very intense look to a sleeve or a leg piece, playing with the tribal codes and negative spaces.
Beautiful neo-tribal wings by Jun Matsui.
Impressive nerdy circuit board sleeve by Corey Weir.
Shoulder and sleeve by Curly Moore.
Black pop art by Gerhard Wiesbeck.
Another sleeve by Wiesbeck.
And this one, also by Wiesbeck, is invading the torso!
Blackwork is often inspired by tribal, here a Mehdi style tattoo by Guy Le Tatooer.
Neo tribal sleeve by Patrick Hüttlinger.
Impressive half sleeve by Piotr Szot!
Of course, when you say blackwork, you think Roxx. Great leg tattoo.
Back and sleeves by Roxx too.
Beautiful sleeves by Roxx, proving that blackwork is not only for men.
The dark graphic style of Sadhu le Serbe.
Mind-blowing work of famous tattoo artist Tomas Tomas!
Impressive sleeve, also by Tomas Tomas.
...on the road to 90% covered We're entering the hardcore part of blackwork, with people almost fully covered with black ink or at least huge black designs on their whole body. It takes guts to do that, so respect!
Tattoo artist Pinke Leenders shot by Reginald Tackoen.
Tattoos by Alex Binnie.
His back is almost all black.
Huge neo-tribal with rad designs by Genko.
Work in progress for this impressive geometric piece by Gerhard Wiesbeck.
Intricate back and half sleeves by Samuel Christensen.
Full bodysuit by Tomas Tomas: wow!
Alternative model Monami Frost has both arms covered with black ink, still she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world of tattoo.
Impressive blackwork by extreme tattoo artist Little Swastika.
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