Forget Chuck Taylors, These Foot Tattoo Designs Make You The Canvas

Forget Chuck Taylors, These Foot Tattoo Designs Make You The Canvas

These radical foot tattoos are a perfect reason to never own shoes again

Today we’re going to look at some totally sweet foot tattoo designs. This is definitely an area of your body you might want to consider getting tattooed if you’re a sandal lover. So much can be done with a foot, as the pictures we’ve gathered here will demonstrate.

But first, we wanted to talk to you about feet. They connect you to this earth in a way that nothing else does. They’re the basis of our ability to stand and walk. We love feet, and not in some weird sexual way. Well, maybe some of us do. Office policy is to keep that sort of thing to ourselves after what we simply refer to as “the incident.”

Feet are incredible machines. They keep us balanced and allow us to do so many things that just wouldn’t be possible with a different design. Sure, we can’t balance on the side of cliffs like mountain goats, but to be honest, they make it look kind of boring. Things like hopscotch and jump rope are where it’s at.

From the ankles to the toes, human feet just have an aesthetic that you don’t often see in nature. Take a look at the feet of other animals. Aside from chimps, who practically have hands for feet, nature’s design process for the foot has yielded some aggressively mediocre results. How lucky we are to have been spared a lifetime of walking around on hooves.

There’s nothing like putting your best foot forward with a truly awesome piece that highlights the boundaries of what foot tattoos can achieve. Just look at these awesome examples of those who have turned their feet into canvas for tattoo ink.

Abstract geometric foot tattoos can look amazing. Tattoo by Toko Lören, France. #geometric #foot #blue #fineline #linework
Great Oni tattoo by Tim Senecal, USA. #oni #timsenecal #japanese
Cherry blossom and Maneki Neko foot tattoos. #blossom #manekineko #foot #flower
Fun connecting foot tattoos by Mope, France. #foot #connection #finelines #cute #girl #dog
Beautiful split moth foot tattoos by Mike Moses, USA. #moth #blue #matching #flower
Colorful and pretty old school swallow tattoo by Luke Wessman, USA. #oldschool #swallow #flowers #bird
Funny split foot tattoos by Kim Craftz, Germany. #skull #kimcraftz
Gorgeous owl foot tattoos by Kamil Czapiga, Poland! #owl #kamilczapiga
Graphic bird by Denis Sivak, Ukraine. #bird #graphic #denissivak #watercolor
Amazing biomechanical foot and ankle tattoo by Carson Hill, USA. #biomechanical #carsonhill

These feet are truly in your face. These radical foot tattoo designs have transformed these feet into works of art. Maybe you might want to consider doing the same.

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