40 Hot Summer Tattoos

Summer is the season we're craving for the rest of the year. Warm weather, vacations and of course, the best time to show our tattoos!
If sun can be a fiend for ink if you don't follow those good pieces of advice, and thus summer is not the best time to get tattoos even if we have more free time to visit our artist, well, it doesn't prevent us to get tattoos to remind us how great summertime is ...
Summer has got our best memories of family gathering, travels and relaxing. Who doesn't love a time at the beach and all the fun things associated with hot temperatures such as ice cream, cocktails and surfing? If only we could keep a bit of summer magic with us all the year ... Actually, we can. A proof with those heartwarming summer tattoos, which would help to keep you on the sunny and warm side of life ... ;)