40 Hot Summer Tattoos

40 Hot Summer Tattoos

Summer is the season we're craving for the rest of the year. Warm weather, vacations and of course, the best time to show our tattoos!
If sun can be a fiend for ink if you don't follow those good pieces of advice, and thus summer is not the best time to get tattoos even if we have more free time to visit our artist, well, it doesn't prevent us to get tattoos to remind us how great summertime is ...
Summer has got our best memories of family gathering, travels and relaxing. Who doesn't love a time at the beach and all the fun things associated with hot temperatures such as ice cream, cocktails and surfing? If only we could keep a bit of summer magic with us all the year ... Actually, we can. A proof with those heartwarming summer tattoos, which would help to keep you on the sunny and warm side of life ... ;)
Sunset at the beach is the classic idea of a good summer and a popular tattoo. Here by Amanda Leadman.
This one by Andres Acosta is just beautiful with this seashell on the forefront.
Summer is the time of bikini girls and surfing. Pin-up by Andy Walker.
Love the feeling of wet sand under your feet ?
Nice 3D effect tattoo : you've got beach under your skin!
Another 3D tat with blue sky.
Do you scream for ice cream? By Campbell Capone.
Cicadas are insects of the Southern countries, and their incredible noise is a symbol of summer for many people. Tattoo by David Hale.
Nice summer crab tattoo by Clare Hampshire.
Who stole the bikini of Craig Wilson's pin-up???
Nice surfing action by Den Yakovlev.
Don't stay too much in the sun or you'll end up like this guy! By El Sanchez.
And keep hydrated with some sweet cocktails ... but remember that alcohol needs moderation. Also by El Sanchez.
If only summer holiday could be endless ... photography by Tyron Hug.
Feminine Flip Flop tattoo.
Don't fight for ice cream ! Fun modification of this classic boxer design, by Gene Cofey.
Here comes the sun : short lettering to celebrate summer.
Hibiscus flowers and flip-flop shoes.
The sunflower is the symbol of summer. As sunflowers, we are always looking for sunrays ! Beautiful backpiece by Hoa.
Another Ice Cream. If you can credit tattoos here, please tell us in the comments.
Do you often collect seashells while at the beach ? By Tattoo Artist : Ivana Belakova
Haha the snowman isn't afraid to melt ! By Joe Pasternak.
Old school diver pin-up by KeelHauled Mike.
Really fine summer landscape.
Pretty Sunset by London Reese.
You can also go for the classic sun design. Here in tasty Polynesian style by Manu Farrarons.
If only we could press Esc on our computer each time we want some summer relaxing... Amazing sleeve by Maris Pavlo!
A whole summer sleeve by Mark Longenecker.
Want a postcard from this pin-up? By Megan Oliver.
Outstanding wave tattoo by Rember Orellana, you wish to ride it.
Great colors on this sleeve and hand tattoo by Sean Duffy.
Realistic 3D seashell on the sand.
Perfect with flip flop!
Fun cartoon tattoo by Steph D of Octopus Tatouage with a rooster exercizing on the beach while a giraffe is snorkeling with the sharks!
Do you know this novel and comic book, The Wind in the Willows? It is a very nice English summer story for every age. Tattoo by Steph Hanlon.
Sunglasses tattoo someone??
Sunset surfer girl by Tia Blanco.
Another fresh cocktail made at Trailer Trash Tattoos.
Another sunflower. It is a tribute to the book Everything is Illuminated. Tattoo by Edwin Marquez.
Viva Summer! Photo by Tyron Hug.
These are temporary tattoos (by Tattly) but there are fun tattoo ideas!
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