Tattoos Inspired By Engravings And Etchings

Tattoos Inspired By Engravings And Etchings

Whether it be woodblock carvings or old scrimshaw, tattoo art has been influenced by engravings for centuries.

When thinking about fine art we often focus too much of our attention on oil paintings. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but there is such an exciting and diverse world out there. One oft overlooked medium is the art of engraving. 

Japanese Irezumi was directly influenced by ukiyo-e, the art of creating prints from woodblock carvings, so the connection between the two art forms is strong. The engraving tattoos that we are going to look at here are a little bit different though, these are most inspired by the kind of engravings that you would see in the illustrations of classic children's books and tarot cards. 

In order to replicate these engravings on a person's skin, tattooists often work with only black ink and rely on stippling and dotwork to give their designs depth. The result is a timeless tattoo that feels classic immediately upon leaving the tattoo parlor. 

Mysterious and delicate tattoo by MXM.
Vintage illustration of a tiger with a graphic twist; of course, it is the work of French tattoo artist Xoil.
Alice fighting the Jabberwocky: an illustration of Alice in Wonderland by Wade Johnston.
Ouch, must hurt! A martyr by Valentin Hirsch.
Odd torso piece inspired by Francisco de Goya, by Rafel Delalande.
Beautiful moth tattoo by Pierre Périchaud.
Diving mask skull medusa by Petit Jean.
EPIC. By Nick Broslavskiy too.
Plague doctor masked dancer, also by Mike Amanita.
Stag with a suit... by Jan Mraz.

If you are looking to get an engraving tattoo of your own, be sure to check out the Instagrams of the artists above and book an appointment. 

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