45 Inspiring Children's Book Themed Tattoos

45 Inspiring Children's Book Themed Tattoos

What is your favorite children's book? Who was your hero? And do you have some tattoo to remember it?
Children's literature has got a big influence in the development of a child's personality. Who doesn't remember the heroes of his childhood and the whimsical illustrations that have made us dream? It is not surprising then than many people want to keep these sweet memories with tattoos. The number and variety of them are impressive and we have just gathered here some examples of children's book themed tattoos to inspire you or to make you remember your inner child... Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) From the original etchings and illustrations of John Tenniel and Arthur Rackham to the pop-surrealist imagery of Disney and Tim Burton, the odd universe of Lewis Carroll is of course the biggest influence of tattoo lovers worldwide. On the lead, Alice indeed, but also the Madhatter and the Cheshire cat, developed an impressive range of designs, from vintage to old school. We are all mad here for Alice's tattoos.
Tim Burton's inspired sleeve by Carl Löfqvist.
The stunning work of Csaba Müllner.
More work by Csaba Müllner and interview here.
Thoughtful Disney's Alice (unknown artist, tell us in the comments).
Classic illustration ... and fun pic!
That's an hardcore fan I guess.
Beautiful tattoo.
A full Wonderland backpiece, etching style.
Love Vintage illustrations.
Foxy pin-up Alice by Mat Lapping.
Piece by Nina at Laughing Buddha, Seattle.
Cheshire cat on the hand by Robert Witczuk.
Cute split tattoo by Rocky Zéro.
Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) Another children literature and Disney's hit. The character of Peter Pan, that kid who refuse to grow up is coveted by many adults, a sweet revenge ... If the pictures of Disney are the most popular designs, the tattoos are all unique and full of nostalgia.
Rackham's inspired piece by Mark Gibson.
Disney's Peter Pan.
Beautiful sleeve.
Black silhouettes of flying Peter Pan and pirates' ship are very popular, from smallest sizes to bigger ones, discreet and tasty.
Children's book themed tattoo
That's an hardcore fan again!
Nice Peter Pan's portrait.
Do you remember the direction to Neverland? Photo by Emmy-Lou.
Inspired by the movie, by Eminimal.
The Little Prince (Antoine de St Exupéry) A famous poetic and initiatory French novel, illustrated by its author himself, that has a huge amount of fans in the world. The Prince is of course often inked, but also the rose, the fox and the elephant, along with inspiring quotes.
From French "I think he took advantage for his escape of a wild birds' migration". That's how the Prince left his small planet.
Tiny fox tattoo on the neck.
Big cosmos legpiece.
The escape of the Little Prince: very tasty placement.
From German "It is only with the heart that ones sees clearly". One of the most famous quote from the book, with the rose.
Where the Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak) The fun illustrations of naughty boy Max and his friends, the monsters, are very popular in the United States, country of the book, but also with foreigners. If Max is making mostly small tattoos, the monsters deserve huge pièces.
Great piece by Station 1 Tattoos.
Badass? By Alex at Ant.
Cute little monster.
Lot of texture here.
Work in progress in this big back piece tribute.
Realistic-like tattoo by Waylon Rodgers.
The world of Beatrix Potter The watercolors of this English writer are full of adorable animals dressed in Victorian clothes. The most famous are Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, but it is a full dapper zoo that has invaded tattoo shops.
Peter Rabbit by Lynda at Pink Tattoos.
Peter Rabbit goes everywhere...
Beautiful mouse tattoo by Ryan Mason!
Bunny family's piece.
Just a lovely bird on the foot.
Mary Poppins (Pamela Lyndon Travers) Before being a musical with Julie Andrews, the magic nanny was a book and her joy has inspired many tattoo lovers.
The famous umbrella.
"Superkalifra......" can you pronounce it???? Very nice graphic tattoo by Miriam Frank!
Lovely tat by Hanadis.
The Moomins (Tove Jansson) Coming from Finland, these strange looking creatures have seduced millions of children and are making very fun and cute tattoos.
From a book's illustration.
Tattoo artist Matt Cooley has got many Moomins' inspired tattoos in his portfolio.
Also by Matt Cooley.
Creative and beautiful tattoo by Gulestus.
This is from Roald Dahl's book Matilda. Dahl's universe is also a popular reference for tattoos, mostly with his character Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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