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Artist Profile: Jeremy Harris

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Jeremy Harris is a proud Appalachian Celtibilly. His family and ancestors have been residing in and around Grandfather Mountain, NC since the Revolutionary War. Upon first meeting Jeremy you feel like you've always known him, he makes most folks that comfortable and at ease when they walk through the doors of his shop; Given Talent in Lenoir, NC.

When he's not busy running his shop and tattooing, you can find him sitting on the porch strumming a guitar or banjo and singing or spending time with his family and friends. He's a regular down to earth kinda guy who treats his customers like friends and family, but don't mistake his southern hospitality for weakness cause he's got a mean right hook! But once he gets to know you, you'll have a friend for life.

Skeleton Tree
Skeleton Tree

So, how long have you been tattooing? 13 years

What made you decide to go into tattooing? I've always been into art and also lived an "alternative" lifestyle. It's in my nature to be creative and rebellious so...

What did you do before tattooing?

I worked in a furniture factory, being from Hickory, those and hosiery mills are (were) the big employers in the area.

What was your first tattoo received?

I got a small dragon on my chest; I and several friends all got the same one.

What was your first tattoo given?

The first tattoo I ever did was a marijuana leaf.

Celtic Knot
Celtic Knot

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How would you describe your style? I try not to be limited by a particular style.

Black and grey or color? Color (if they have the $$$).

Who or what are your biggest artistic influences?

Walt Disney, Bob Ross, and 80’s horror movies.

Cover Up
Cover Up

Ever had a tattoo removed? I almost had a few removed when I hit the pavement at 45 mph during a motorcycle wreck.

What is your funniest/weirdest tattoo story? Weirdest tattoo tale? Come on! I have some seriously weird tattoo tales. I have been tattooing in Lenoir, NC for 11 years…this is a small Appalachian town, but there are a lot of characters around here!

What’s your take on why tattoos are seen as less taboo in today’s society? It’s going main stream, and that has its ups and downs. All the shows on TV make people think it’s OK more than it used to be. But you also have flood of people who wanna be a tattoo artist and git em a “tattoo gun” and f*** up their little sisters life for good by tattooing “Boo-Boo” or “Hotness”. But, it makes it easier for a heavily tattooed father like me to be a coach on the softball team and things of that nature.

Any advice for tattoo seekers? Do your homework and find an artist who you can connect with and whose abilities you are confident with.

Mr. Harris at work
Mr. Harris at work


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I am a writer, digital artist and web designer residing in Asheville, NC. I enjoy all tattoo styles, but my favorites are the new watercolor style and realism. I love color and I really like artists that can make it come to life.


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