First 3D-Printing Tattoo Machine Invented!

First 3D-Printing Tattoo Machine Invented!

Geeky dream come true: a standard 3D printer turned into a tattoo machine, able to tattoo the design you want, just with a simple click!

This idea, which is a bit crazy, but obvious when you think about it, was developed from the mind of 3 students of Paris-based design school ENSCI-Les ateliers (France), Piotr, Johan and Pierre, during a 8 hour workshop. Their goal?

"Bringing a new tool to tattooists", they answer. "We have had very positive feedbacks from the tattoo industry and we are happy to contribute, even modestly, to the history of tattoo."At every stage of the process, they have indeed collaborated with professional tattooists to guide them.But how is this invention working? It is as simple as pie: you just have to replace the 3D printer's nozzles with a tattoo machine. Of course, some technical skills are needed and tests must be carried out before entrusting your skin to the machine. For that matter, the three inventors are running a trial product.

3D-Printing Tattoo Machine
According to them, "the commercialization is not a priority for now, we want to take the time to bring answers to the different questioning." If on the videos, sparingly released on internet, the first tattooed design is a very simple circle, they assure that they already have tested more elaborated designs. If you are curious about the technique behind this initiative or just quite simply curious, you can wait for the new episodes on their website.

3D PRINTER X TATTOO MACHINE / EP 02 from appropriate audiences on Vimeo.

A question remains: what would be the place of art and the experience of the tattoo artists in this invention? Of course, this tool could help to reduce the number of bad tattoos made by scratchers or drunk friends... but nothing would ever replace the skills, creativity, expertise and wise pieces of advice of a real good tattoo artist. But it could be part of the tattoo invasion of the fashion and design industry, coveting more ink for their leather accessories. Time will tell.

What do you think? Could you use a machine to get a tattoo?
3D-Printing Tattoo Machine
All images are the property of Appropriate Audiences. Thanks to Piotr, Johan and Peter for their answers.
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