Yes, I Am A Girl And I Do Have Tattoos

Yes, I Am A Girl And I Do Have Tattoos

Let me guess, you feel offended or you think I'm scummy? You just don't like them? Well I'm glad I didn't do this to my body for you then.
My tattoos are for meNo matter how many lovers or haters of ink there are, at the end of day I'm the one who owns them. Tattoos are not a giveaway for who is classy and who is not. Class, manners, and integrity are all things that come from the inside. Character cannot be drawn up and inked on. The girl with her thigh tattooed as well as her neck could be a whole lot sweeter than the woman next to her who’s never seen the inside of a shop.
Girly tattoos
“Tramp stamps” don’t mean she’s not a lady Of course girls with tattoos have them in places only they can see! Why that particular symbol on the hip, or that certain lower back design? Chances are, she just liked the spot. Yes, sometimes, more often than not, despite whatever’s trending women get tattoos in sensual places because that’s where it looked the best.
Secret spots don't mean seductive.
Tattooed and employed You're a female with a full sleeve and a steady job? Crazy concept. Note: when cover up is required such as the medical field, women with tattoos should abide by that respectfully. It’s true that companies are advancing and policies are changing as more and more people choose to get tattooed. No matter the policy, what's most important is that whether she's a manager or a janitor, the girl with the Native American back piece gets work done just as good as the rest of them.
They look best when you wear them well!
Dear parents and beloved Us inked girls, we love you, we do. We love you to death honestly, yes, even on the bad days. Here’s the thing about our tattoos we love them too. We didn’t etch our black and gray calf piece onto your leg because you’re not the one who wanted it, but we did. Tattoos are a personal investment so please mom/dad, husband/wife don’t take our personal choices personally. Girls with tattoos want all the ink they have and should the day come where it’s time for laser removal well, that’ll be for us too not for you. Please respect that.
Heavily tattooed yet not crowded.
What do they mean?! This question is all about the approach as is with a lot of questions in life. There’s only been one person I’ve come across that did not want to discuss anything in regards to his sleeve collection (for the sake of this article it was a guy, take it from me girls will talk!) People adore talking about themselves and girls who have tattoos are mostly excited to tell you the meaning behind them. Yes, they do all have meaning even if it’s not very detailed, every tattoo has it’s own story. Like anything, be kind, be nice, and be interested. Don’t be nosy or rude. If a girl chooses to tell you what the dates on her wrist stand for, or who that person in the portrait is, listen to her. You’ll most likely walk away knowing a key part in her personal history.
Great hair. Great tattoos.
Wedding bells Just because tattooed females aren’t modeling for Vera Wang doesn’t mean they’re not likely. Weddings promote class and tattoos bring up edgy, not a typical pair but opposites do attract. White is still the most popular color for a gown meant to symbolize purity and innocence. One could argue we’ve already broken tradition and a few shoulder roses aren’t tarnishing anything. To all the brides, they’re your tattoos and it is your day, you choose if you want them on display. If not, a few simple makeup tricks can easily put them on hide away.
Not every tattooed girl is covered in ink.
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