15 Badass Cover Up Tattoos

15 Badass Cover Up Tattoos

Sure, tattoo removal has come a long way. Sure, cover up tattoos can transform a less than stellar tattoo into a stunning work of art.
Covering up a tattoo (not to mention getting it removed entirely) is a venture that will take time and money and may not leave you with the work of art you’d like to have. How much success you will have with a cover up tattoo will depend on the tattoo artist who does the cover up work and the tattoo that you started out with, because the success or failure of every cover up tattoo depends on so many factors.
Don’t just think about the design though. Think about who is going to do it. Take a little time to look into the artist and check out his or her works before you get your tattoo. Talk about what you want. Many artists will be willing to talk with you and help you create something that’s perfect for you.
If it’s too late and you already have a tattoo that you aren’t exactly thrilled with, take your time to find your artist. You don't want to get a cover up over a cover up. Let some artist you’re considering for the work see the piece that you want covered and ask what they would do with it. Listen what they’re telling you. If they have good ideas and talk specifics, they’re probably a safe bet.
To be sure though, ask if they have cover up tattoo before and after photos they can show you. If they do a lot of cover up tattoos, they probably have some photos available. Talk time involved, price and design with your artist before you make your final decision. Take a look at these incredible cover up tattoos.
Cover Up Tattoo
Chef skull cover up tattoo by Jackie Rabbit.
Jesus Cover Up Tattoo
Cover Up Tattoo
Dream catcher Cover Up Tattoo
Lion Cover Up Tattoo
Ocean life Cover Up Tattoo
cover up tattoo
cover up tattoo
Cover Up Tattoo
Portrait covered with skull
cover up tattoo
Feet tatttoo
amazing cover up by Larry Brogan
Tattoo by Tim Pangburn.
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