16 Fun & Awesome Matching Friendship Tattoos

Our friends are our priceless treasures. Throughout the trials of life we gain some and lose some, but the true ones stick around.
We should never forget those we've lost, because they are the ones who also taught us painful but important lessons in life. Friendship is not always a bright and sunny thing but it makes life happier, brighter, and easier. Today let's tell our friends we love them and celebrate all the years of youthfulness, sanity and craziness shared together by getting friendship tattoos! Trip on these 16 fun and awesome matching friendship tattoo ideas to share with your best bud, twin, or lover for heart-warming inspiration.
Matching friendship tattoo
Holler at my friends Dotie, Kim, Ryan, Kyle & Kenneth!!! (the guys in the photo) I will forever cherish these F.I.D.I. skulls we got! F.I.D.I. means “Fuck it do it", so those who decided to fuck it that night got the tattoo. Kyle had a “Sorry Mama” added so his mom won’t get too upset.
Friendship tattoo
Friendship tattoos don't always have to be cheesy. Trading faces seems to be clever and cool.
Friendship portrait tattoo
Traditional portraits also make good friendship tattoos. A bold and colorful way to remember each other.
Friendship Tattoos
Friends belong together.
Friendship tattoo
Friends stick together.
Friendship tattoo
Friends find home with each other.
Friendship tattoo
“To speak of harmful truth with loving words is Friendship” Friends confide in each other.
Friendship puzzle tattoo
Friends complete the missing puzzle.
Tattoos by Thomas Hooper
These are totally awesome! These are identical twins Caleb and Jordan Kilby, who are uniquely famous for also having identical tattoos!
Friendship memorial tattoo
Seen this awesome friendship memorial tattoo yet? This is Corey Taylor's (Slipknot) tribute tattoo of his good friend and brother (Slipknot's bassist) Paul Gray which was finely done by Tim Hendricks on NY Ink. Did you see that episode? Such a tearjerker!
Friendship tattoos
A nice and pretty tattoo to remember the younger days.
Matching elephant tattoos
Tweak a matching tattoo with a bit of individuality by trading initials.
High-five tattoo
Good friends be high-fiving' to good ideas, to nailing challenges, or when one finally gets the courage to ask someone out.
Sisters tattoo
Some people prefer subtlety, so these sisters got UV ink tattoos. Pretty cool too.
Friendship tattoo
We are thankful for our friends for digging us up and keeping us sane.
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