20 Coolest Comic Book Inspired Tattoos

20 Coolest Comic Book Inspired Tattoos

A comic book is a publication, first popularized in the United States in 1933.
Comic Books have always had a place in our hearts and now with the appearance of comic books in todays pop culture such as TV ( Smallville, TMNT, etc.) and in Movies ( Gardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man,TMNT, etc...) Comic books have proven they have a place in our Hearts and now... A place on our Bodies!
Here is a Compilation of the 20 COOLEST Comic Book Inspired Tattoos I could find!! GET AT IT!
1. HELLBOY – Done by Tex at Diablo Ink
2. Comic Girl - Done by Pavol Krim
3. Powdered Toast Man - Done by Rose Hardy
4. Comic Style Woman - Artist unknown.
5. Wolverine - Done by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandalls.
6. Becoming The Hulk - Done by Alfie Lamberger at Marks of the Spark Tattoos.
comic book tattoo
7. Batman Sleeve - Done by Ian Hopkins.
8. Ironman - Done by Nikko Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective.
9. The Joker - Artist unknown
10. Krang - Done by J. Stomber
11. Superman "S" - Done by Phillip Michael.
12. The Red Skull ( HAIL HYDRA!) - Done by Alex Gotza.
13. SpiderMan - Artist unknown.
14. Spiderman Logo Under Skin. Done by Dan Hazelton.
15. Batman and Superman Leg - Done by Brianna at Lady Luck Tattoo.
16. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Done by Cecil Porter.
17. Venom - Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado.
18. Leonardo (Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles) - Tattoo by Tony Sklepic.
19. The Joker - Tattoo by Paul Marino Raw Power Tattoo.
A little of Everyone lol ( Wolverine, Ironman, Spiderman, carnage, Venom) - Artist unknown.
I hope you enjoyed the list of the 20 Coolest ComicBook Inspired Tattoos!! If you have any info on unknown artists or ideas for new lists or featured artists you can Contact me at Julian4Tattoodo@gmail.com.

Thanks for Reading!
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