20 Epic Portrait Tattoo Fails

20 Epic Portrait Tattoo Fails

Did you ever wake up the next morning thinking "Did I really do that? What was I thinking!?". Here's 20 Epic Portrait Tattoo Fails
Did you ever feel like the dumbest person on earth? Don't worry! You're not.. Actually, unless you are one of the owners of those tattoos on these pictures, you are not even in top 20 :)
Check out these funny portrait tattoo fails! Let's start out in the world of music...
The simple version of the King of Pop.. Maybe the first one there was. Based on the time it took to tattoo it.
And of course The Prince of Darkness.. And the guy from foo Fighters.
Katy Perry.. Beautiful as always.
And these three handsome young fellas from Hanson.. Mmmm.. bab!
Happy Birthday Mr. President!
Will Smith walking to his car with the groceries.. Let's tattoo that!
Michael Jackson and the kid from Home Alone.. Notice the fashionable diamond glove.
Celeb tattoos are really popular, and although he's not in music, girls never get tired of looking at Robert Pattison.. Unless you're this guys girlfriend.
Celebs are always interesting, but nothing beats the loving family. Maybe that's why this guy chose to immortalise the people closest to him.
For your own safety.. Don't go near the baby!
What a beautiful little heart breaker!
If you imagine how the laugh sounds, I would say there's a bit of a difference between the two. One of them sounding a bit more maskuline.. serial killer-ish.
Remember when mom and dad tried that new moisturizer? Do you have the picture from that day?
Out of all the pictures you have with your best friend.. Really!?
"I'm telling you kids.. When Mom and I were young, we looked like dead people."
Seriously.. I have had a dream that looked like this tattoo. Or was it a horror movie from the eighties? The more you look at the tattoo, the scarier the picture gets.
"So who does the kids look like the most?" - "NONE OF US!"
"My what!? Oh.. That's my dad.. Yes.. He's one of a kind."
I... I'm speechless... However I would have loved to hear how this idea was explained to the tattoo artist.
Let's finish off with true love. "When you meet the one you're supposed to be with.. Things just fall into... they just.. you know.. Honey, can you move your arm? No higher.. Sweetheart? Come on! Look at it.. It's not even a.. Honey PLEASE! "
Thanks for wasting your time with me. I'll be back soon!

-- So think before you ink! Find the right artist and discuss your ideas before getting under the needle.
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